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SOURCE: Revista TOC and Diario La Cuarta (Chile)
DATE: July 4, 2003


TEMUCO.- Since Thursday, residents of Pillanlelbun, a town some 15 km from this city, have been shutting down henhouses, mangers and pigpens under lock and key and using crosses made of "palqui" after news of the mysterious deaths of 15 animals at the Ty Koyam Mini-Zoo became known.

The victims of this odd event, which remains unexplained, were six sheep imported from Somalia and nine deer, which were found dead with tear marks and bruises on their bodies and bites on their necks. They were scattered throughout the location.

A number of hypotheses were presented at first--everything ranging from the descent of starving pumas [from the Andean highlands] to wild dogs and the Chupacabras--which have been discarded given that the place is completely shut at night, thus making impossible any entry by animals.

Local residents are concerned and have entrusted themselves to their patron saints. Even those who profess not to believe, think the matter involves Satan.

Alejandro Fuentes, who owns the premises, stated yesterday that the investigation is in the hands of the Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) of the 9th Region as well as the police, since the deaths of these animals represents a loss in excess of four million pesos.

In order to avoid any new attacks, and in view of the fact that llamas, alpacas, iguanas and apes also occupy the premises, Alejandro Fuentes and his assistants have placed traps all around the area. However, as of yesterday, the beast had not attacked again.

Translation (C) 2003. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Rodrigo Cuadra Salazar, Revista TOC.