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THYLACINES live in the Styx Valley where protesters are marching today against clear-fell logging, says Tasmania's leading tiger expert.

Col Bailey, author and 30-year veteran of Tasmanian tiger searches says thylacines continue to hunt in corridors between the Styx, Florentine and Weld forests.

An old trapper on his death bed in the 1970s, Elias Churchill, told Mr Bailey he knew where thylacines lived in the Styx Valley, about 30km west of New Norfolk.

Mr Bailey believes the Styx tiger population is still viable but he does not agree with activists who want to stop clear-felling in the area.

Protesters are marching through the Styx Valley today, led by author Richard Flanagan and Greens senator Bob Brown, in a bid to stop logging in the area.

Mr Bailey, 64, said the thylacines should be tranquilised and taken to a reserve on the southern part of Maria Island, off Orford on the East Coast.

"There was a plan in the 1960s to create a special sanctuary on Maria Island where they could be protected and helped to breed," he said.

Mr Bailey said he would not want to see forests "locked up" for the thylacine and would rather have tigers removed for their own safety to Maria Island.

He said he was sure thylacines existed.

An independent and informal contact point for thylacine sightings, Mr Bailey said he had about a dozen reasonable sightings reported to him in the past 12 months.

Reports over recent years showed four clusters of regular sightings.

One cluster is in forests neighbouring the South-West World Heritage Area, another is in the northern Central Highlands, a third is in the forests of Tasmania's North-East and a fourth is in the state's far North-West.

Mr Bailey said there were many local thylacine enthusiasts who theorised that these clusters represented legitimate tiger populations.

"It'll be proved soon," he said.

The Styx and Florentine forests were traditional hunting grounds for the tiger, said Mr Bailey, who lives at Maydena near the Styx Valley.

"This was a pretty popular place for thylacines in the old days," he said.

Mr Bailey met and befriended thylacine trapper Mr Churchill in the 1960s.

"I was lucky enough to talk to him before he died," Mr Bailey said.

When near to death, Mr Churchill told Mr Bailey there were thylacines in the Styx Valley.

"He said he could take me to them if he was able," Mr Bailey said
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Two things:

1. There is NO evidence of thylacines still lurking in the Styx (I wish there was!).
2. IF there is still a small population of thylacines, there  is still enough original habitat for them to live in.


Tim the Yowie Man||