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A mysterious Lynx like cat has been spotted roaming in the Johnstonebridge area.
Deputy rector at St Joseph's College, Bob McGoran, was stunned when he saw the animal which he claimed looked like a North American bobcat.
He said: "I couldn't believe it when I looked out of the bus window and this big cat was just sitting there.
"It was about ten to nine on Thursday morning just south of St Anne's Bridge on the A701.
"It was light and golden with a white bib and dark lines down its face. It was the size of a dog such as a boxer and had stand up pointed ears.
"It did look like a North American Lynx or bobcat with characteristic upright ears and a suggestion of tufts at their tips."
Sgt Ian Donaldson said the police would be interested to find out more about the sighting although he stressed it was very difficult to have any of these sightings confirmed.
He added: "They are always from a distance which makes it very difficult for us to obtain exact information.
"What I would say though is that if there are any wild cats in the area they would be private and would not attack unless cornered."
Dunfries & Galloway: 4th July 2003.