AUSTRALIA NSW: Panther|jon_downes||08/11/03 at 11:58:35|jon_downes|xx|0||From the Wellington Times:

Another sighting of enormous paw prints
Monday, 11 August 2003

The Wellington Times has received another report of huge animal footprints
following Monday's story of the paw prints seen in Peter Amey's garden.

Tom Morris of Warne Street said he was out with the local walking group last
Monday morning and saw the prints at Bushranger's Creek near the old

A retired farmer, Mr Morris said the prints did not match any animal he

"They were bigger than a dog's and slightly curved," he said.

"It looked like a big animal had come down for a drink."

Mr Morris said he had "no idea at all" what animal it would be.

"It really got me in," he said. "When I saw the story in the Times I thought
I'd come and tell you."

He said another member of the walking group, Neil Blake, also saw the print
and would verify his story.

"We're not bunging on an act on or anything."

Friday's Times reported how local resident Peter Amey of Molong Road was
disturbed to find a set of enormous paw prints in his backyard.

Even more alarming was the evidence that the invader, whatever it was, had
attacked his chickens.

Mr Amey's own belief was that it might be a panther, sightings of which have
been reported in the Lithgow area over a fairly extended period of time.

Until now, however, there have been no similar reports in the Wellington

Mr Amey said he was concerned about the safety of his family.

|| Re: AUSTRALIA NSW: Panther|metalguru||08/11/03 at 18:13:55|Guest|xx|0||I own a stunning piece of footage of an Australian Black Leopard which has to be the most fantastic film footage/recorded evidence for any large cat on the prowl in any country. The cat was filmed by an Oz couple from just a few yards away, for several minutes in broad daylight after continuous sightings in the area. They set up the video camera by their window and got lucky, filming the sleek cat as it sniffed around in long grass. The most bizarre thing about the footage is that when it was shown to so-calle so-called experts, the guy said, "Well, I can't say what it is". The guy interviewing him then replied, "Don't you mean, you don't want to say what it is ?", and the sceptic replied, "Well, it's 'panther', but I can't say that!!". Even more bizarre, some cat researchers Down Under have had their houses mysteriously raided during the night, and their 'cat' research stolen, whilst other possessions such as jewelry have been left!! Paranoia ? Conspiracy ? Well, it's what the Fortean's love!!!
|| Re: AUSTRALIA NSW: Panther|ike Williams||09/12/03 at 11:40:38|Guest|xx|0||The "black leopard" is odd footage.
I spoke to a bigcat handler of many years experience who reckons it was a feral of decent size.
I know one of the researchers who had material stolen.
weird isnt it.