INDIANA: 'Cougar' Sightings Likely Just Rumors|jon_downes||08/15/03 at 12:53:30|jon_downes|xx|0||From the Warsaw (IN) Times-Union:
Aug. 14, 2003
'Cougar' Sightings Likely Just Rumors, DNR Officials Say

BY KRISTA PRIMROSE, Times-Union Staff Writer

Rumors of cougar sightings around Silver Lake and North Manchester appear to
be just that - rumors.

Since early July, a cougar or other breed of wild cat has reportedly been
seen on both sides of County Line Road in Wabash and Kosciusko counties.
Despite widespread claims of cougar sightings, neither the Department of
Natural Resources nor the Kosciusko County animal control officer knows
anything about the supposed wild animal on the prowl.

Claims of livestock killed by the animal also appear to be unsubstantiated.

The Times-Union received a report that Henry Brovont, North Manchester, had
pigs killed by the cat. According to Brovont, he saw nothing that made him
think it was a cougar, and he assumes it was a dog, though there is no proof
either way.

Another North Manchester resident, whose veal barn was reportedly attacked,
could not be reached for comment.

According to a spokeswoman for the Division of Fish and Wildlife,
Indianapolis, it is highly unlikely for a cougar to be on the loose in
Indiana. No wild cats, cougar or otherwise, with the exception of occasional
bobcats, are native to Indiana. The possibility of it being an escaped pet
is far-fetched as well, she said.

No one in either Wabash or Kosciusko counties holds permits to have a wild
animal, the spokeswoman said.