How to create your own zooform phenomenon at home!|elliott_saunders||10/03/03 at 14:52:57|admin|xx|0||A friend, who is interested in zooform phenomenon is considering creating a ZF in laboratory conditions (at his own will), and so I thought I'd share this interesting experiment's idea with you, and share some thoughts on zooform and some of the rarest beasties in the world that I have myself.

Imagine the possibility that certain animals, things like Nessie, Bigfoot, and the rest are entities that are, in their basic form, a sentience that needs humanity, or at the very least, a collective idea or consideration, to give it form.  

The basic hypothesis - that these entities have always been with us and that the changes in social and industrial knowledge, and in humanity as a whole have changed the general 'shape' of these entities from the werewolves and devils of the Middle Ages, to the aliens, Bigfeet and demons of today.

My theory rests on the idea that these entities are naturally occuring, although perhaps centered in certain areas (but not necessarily - this gives thought to the existance of Bigfoot in other countries, i.e. if you can think of the shape, it *should* be theoretically possible to 'summon it' anywhere, regardless) and through human thought and imagination they are envisaged and given form in real life, but only for the duration of the thought, once its forgotten or put back into the recesses of the human mind it fades back into the ether.

Consider the Chupacabra as a prime candidate for this theory - the creature tends to center on areas of Latin American populations - is it because they have a natural fear for this type of entity and that they are bringing it into being by their collective (and probably unintentional/subconscious) fear?  This gives it form and shape and a purpose (to savage their livestock), so that's what it does.  The differences in sizes, shapes and the lack of actual evidence (i.e. a dead Chuppy) is because once its performed its work or that it is no longer the center of attention to the human consciousness that 'summoned it', it fades back into being a mere force of nature again, until the next time its thought of.

There are some stories of what appear to be fantastical beasts from medieval or 'fantasy' stories in the middle of the 21st Century, and I wonder if all of these beasts have been thought form created.

In essence, they are a sentience waiting to be given form; a thought waiting to take shape.  In one classic story; the Bray Road Beast of Wisconsin ( the shape of the beast changes from being a small 'dog' to an upright 'ape-like' entity.  What if, this form was a creation of a collective consciousness, that changed over time?  Perhaps Bigfoot's appear in waves because people's interest peaks in the area - creating a form for the always available consciousness to inhabit and once it fades again, well, the entity fades.

There is also another classic case where a psychologist and a small group created an entity/ghost out of nothing more than their imagination and some planning. is one page that discusses the experiment and a search on the ‘net will doubtlessly reveal more.

The interesting part of the experiment was that at the start, the entity had no qualities, no personality of its own, but by the end he had taken on the fake personality that the group had created for him.  If such entities can be created with a reasonable amount of ease, are we merely creating entities like Bigfoot from our consciousness?  Whilst I'm not basing my theory on just two pieces of evidence (I've researched the possiblity for years), even the small amount of evidence I propose here seems to suggest this may indeed be the case.  

What does everyone else think of the matter?|| Re: How to create your own zooform phenomenon at h|metalguru||10/12/03 at 15:07:17|Guest|xx|0||Most of the zooform entities are pretty much ignored, and certainly aren't members of the cryptozoology realm however much crytpozoologists attempt to categorise them. Yes, Bigfoot is likely to be a real creature, but Bray Road 'beasts, Jersey 'devils', 'goatsuckers', Goatmen, etc, are certainly cultural manifestations based upon belief systems, superstitions and fears, and I'm pretty sure are something akin to tulpas etc. Why such entities take on such forms I'll never know but the zooform void is very much a misunderstood category, feared and confused by so many who for years have regurgitated the same old material, i.e. that Goatman is Bigfoot, that the Jersey Devil a winged entity. These creations may well leave footprints, and even mutilated prey, but it doesn't mean the exist. Zooform Phenomena is a health hazard.|| Re: How to create your own zooform phenomenon at h|Richard_F||10/15/03 at 22:21:46|richard_f|xx|0||I have actualy done this. In a three year experiment in a cellar in Leeds i created a thought form of a giant spider. It was tangable enough to be sensed by others and have an effect on the surrounding enviroment. It took a lot of obbsessive ritual and intense meditation. The monkes in Tibet are supposed to be able to do this with there highly trained minds. Perhapse most of humanity do it sub-consciously.|| Re: How to create your own zooform phenomenon at h|Bisto||09/05/05 at 13:40:53|Bisto|xx|0||Surley then this would be provable? And I mean to non belivers too.|| Re: How to create your own zooform phenomenon at h|Richard_F||09/20/05 at 00:21:44|richard_f|xx|0||You would need to get lots of people in a lab focusing on the same thing. Some Canadians were supposed to have created an artificial ghost in this way (but they were in a house rather than a lab i think).|| Re: How to create your own zooform phenomenon at h|gordonrutter||09/20/05 at 07:27:36|gordonrutter|xx|0||[quote author=Richard_F link=board=zf1;num=1065189178;start=0#4 date=09/20/05 at 00:21:44]You would need to get lots of people in a lab focusing on the same thing. Some Canadians were supposed to have created an artificial ghost in this way (but they were in a house rather than a lab i think).[/quote]

They were conducting a seance and they made a fake ghost which they wanted to speak to - Philip.  Thye came up with a complete history for this guy and then eventaully started getting communications from him
Gordon|| Re: How to create your own zooform phenomenon at h|retrocrypto||09/27/05 at 20:50:16|retrocrypto|xx|0||Am seriously thinking about creating a local zooform creature but certainly not over the course of a three-year period, but certainly believe that manifesting something doesn't necessarily require collective thought. I'm of the opinion that some 'thing' can be projected in a short time and believe that many of the strange 'zooforms' out there prove that.
Many zooform creatures have manifested themselves merely by being fed by rumour, friend-of-a-friend tale, campfire tale, and actually never began life as something seriously projected by collective thought. When I were a lad  ;) there was always rumour of a knife-wielding man-sized squirrel said to inhabit the cold confines of the girls toilets at junior school. The dread that everyone had was immense, and because the boys toilets were relatively near the girls, just to walk in the same corridor as the 'shadowy critter' was quite a task.
Black Dogs, winged humanoids et al may well be persistent forms but even those that are fleeting have probably been there since the beginning of time. Centaurs, satyrs, goatsuckers, dog-headed werewolf-like beasts, they are pretty common and they are leading cryptozoologists a merry dance. These phantoms transform themselves over time, simply fitting in with the cultural belief at the time, we mould them.
It seems a little arrogant to pooh-pooh the work of researchers who believe that the 'Goatsucker and friends is a real, flesh and blood creature, but lore, and local belief clearly states it isn't.
These monsters are driven and fed by local belief, and also twisted, contorted to take on new forms.
It probably isn't wise to attempt to manifest something like a gargoyle, or blood-sucking imp but if it'll prove that these Mothmen etc are ethereal, then it needs to be done.|| Re: How to create your own zooform phenomenon at h|Richard_F||09/27/05 at 23:49:40|richard_f|xx|0||I just love the giant killer squirrel. I wonder how that rumor started?|| Re: How to create your own zooform phenomenon at h|retrocrypto||10/05/05 at 20:28:51|retrocrypto|xx|0||There seem to be many legends pertaining to the cold, dark halls of elementary schools and colleges etc. Monkey Men, shadowy imps etc seem to haunt so many of these campus corridors, I guess it just takes one person to dream something up and then it explodes in panic.||