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Lion-tamer says black cat is a panther
By Ashleigh Wallace

01 October 2003
A FORMER lion-tamer who used to work for Chipperfield's Circus today said he
was convinced that the big black cat pictured roaming the Ulster countryside
in yesterday's Belfast Telegraph is a black panther.

Stephen Bradley, a former lion-tamer who now lives in Coleraine, said he was
"not surprised" at the latest sighting as he knows people in Northern
Ireland own such exotic cats as pets.

Mr Bradley, who bears the scars of a big cat attack, said: "People are
always surprised at how small panthers are - they are no bigger than a
Labrador dog but quite stocky, which is why at first glance you might just
think it is a dog.

"It is the long rope-like tail that convinces me that this is a panther."

Following yesterday's exclusive pictures, which were taken by a Dublin-based
doctor, another man has come forward claiming he saw a similar beast in

Lisburn man Tommy Thomas claims he saw a large, black puma-like cat.