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9th October 2003


A Trucker claimed today that he spotted a mysterious big cat thought
to be prowling the outskirts of Aberdeen.

The black beast ran out in front of Dyce man Ian Dawson's truck.

The incident is the latest in a string of sightings of a large,
black, cat-like animal in the area.

Mr Dawson's run-in with the beast happened just before 7am yesterday
on Dyce Drive, between the airport traffic lights and the Wellhead

Mr Dawson said: "I was maybe 15ft away from this beast. It came right
across the road in front of me. I picked it up in my headlights. It
was jet black."

Mr Dawson was on his way to Laurencekirk to pick up a load and
heading for the A96 when the incident happened.

He said: "I would have said it would have been four to four-and-a-
half feet long and a couple of feet in height. It just came across
the road in front of me.

"Its back was sort of dipped from the shoulders back to the tail.

"There was a curl in the end of the tail."

The Dyce resident said the cat was running, moving its back feet
together to between where its fore paws were seconds before.

The animal ran into a field on the other side of the road, where it
disappeared from sight.

Before his experience, he had been sceptical about tales of big cats
roaming Scotland.

He added: "You hear these stories and you're a bit reluctant to
believe them but when you see them with your own two eyes, it's a
different matter.

"You're sort of gobsmacked when you see the thing."