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Published in The News and Star on 20/11/2003
By Stephen Meredith

WILD wolves, which have been extinct in Britain since the 17th century,
could be on the loose north of Carlisle.

Police have received a report that two wolves were spotted roaming in a
garden and wolf-like howling has also been heard nearby.

Irene Carruthers was walking near her home when she claims two large grey
wolves crossed her path.

She said: "I was just near my house when two big dog-like animals came out
of the garden next to mine. They were grey and white and had long legs. They
were nothing like domestic dogs and they were absolutely stinking.

"Recently I saw a TV programme about wolves and they looked just like them.
I reported it to the police because I was worried about farm animals in the

Mrs Carruthers spotted the wolf-like creatures in Eaglesfield, which is
between Gretna and Lockerbie, on November 1.

A Dumfries & Galloway police spokeswoman said: "We can confirm we have
received a report of an animal similar in appearance to a wolf."

She added that it was extremely difficult to verify sightings.

She said they had received no other reports of wolves being spotted and
stressed that people should not be alarmed.

Wolves became extinct in Britain in the 17th century but there have been
discussions about the re-introduction of the beasts into the Scottish

Over the past couple of years there have been dozens of reported sightings
of a black puma-like animal roaming across Annandale.