GIRL SAVED FROM PUMA|metalguru||01/11/04 at 14:50:05|Guest|xx|0||THE PEOPLE, SUNDAY JAN' 11TH 2004:

"Cyclists fought a tug of war with a puma to prevent it eating their pal.
The American big cat, thought to have eaten another cyclist the same day, grabbed Anne Hjelle, 30, by the head as she rode in Orange County, California.
Debbie Nichols, said,"I grabbed Anne, eventually the lion gave up."
Anne, an ex-US Marine, was fighting for her life last night.
The remains of Mark Reynolds, 35, were discovered earlier. The lion-like cat was later shot."|| Re: GIRL SAVED FROM PUMA|metalguru||01/11/04 at 14:56:51|Guest|xx|0||THE SUNDAY MIRROR, Sunday 11th Jan' 2004:


"A mountain lion was shot after mauling a man to death and dragging a woman 100 yards with her head in its mouth.

Rangers hid near the body of cyclist Mark Reynolds, 35, waited for the lion to return to its prey - and then killed it.

The beast also attacked Anne Hjelle, 30, a fitness instructor.

He pounced on her as she cycled with her friend, Deborah Nichols, in parkland outside Los Angeles.

It sank its jaws into her head and dragged her 100 yards into a bush while Miss Nichols held on to her friends legs. Miss Hjelle is now in a serious condition in a LA hospital.

Describing last week's attack, Miss Nichols said: 'I held onto her and kept screaming and screaming. The lion just wouldn't let go of her face.'

Other cyclists fought off the animal by throwing stones at it."