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Panther blamed for sheep killings

Dec 9 2003

By The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

A BIG cat enthusiast is convinced an attack on sheep at Thurstonland
was the work of a panther.
Dog walkers spotted the injured sheep in fields near Oakes Avenue .
The farmer found one sheep dead, three had to be put down with
horrific injuries and eight are still badly injured.
The attacks took place between November 25 and 4.30pm on November 26.
The farmer believes the attacker was a dog.
Paul Westwood, who runs the Big Cat Monitors at South Kirkby,
visited the farmer a week after the attack.
After examining injuries on the surviving sheep, he consulted a
Canadian hunter friend and both agreed the attacks had the hallmarks
of a panther.
But Mr Westwood admitted the farmer was unconvinced.
He said the animal could be the same Alsatian-sized cat that was
spotted at Hade Edge four weeks ago and shot at on Saddleworth Moor.
A Greenfield farmer shot at the beast but missed. Then an anonymous
woman called Mr Westwood's society to say her son had shot the
animal while poaching on November 13.
Mr Westwood said a shooting magazine had put up a 1,000 reward.