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12:30 - 21 January 2004

A Scottish team of big cat investigators are returning to
Lincolnshire soon.

The British Big Cat Research Group will be conducting a five-day
investigation, starting on February 9, in the hope of capturing one
of the elusive animals on film. Member Mark Fraser said: "We shall
be setting up remote trigger cameras in the hope of snapping one of
the elusive animals, along with vigils and various other methods.

"We are appealing for witnesses to any big cats in the Lincolnshire
area, old or new, to come forward in order to establish a pattern of
the animal's movements.

"It will be the third time we have been in the area. The second time
we saw the animal and this time we would like to capture it on film.

"We are also appealing for any people who have found prints, taken
pictures or video footage to contact us. Personal details and even
locations will be kept confidential if that is the witness' wish.

"We would like to hear from any landowners who are willing to allow
us to set up quietly with the minimum of fuss on their land for a
few days.

"Suggestions as to where we can set up would also be appreciated."

Anyone who can help should contact Mark by writing to him at 20
Hillpark Drive, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, KA3 1HR or by phoning (01563)
542499 or 07940 016972. His e-mail address is
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Posted Jan 21.04

Investigators armed with hi-tech recording equipment are coming to the
region next month to look into a spate of sightings of mysterious beasts
in the North Lincolnshire countryside.
The investigators are travelling to North Lincolnshire with the latest
cameras and recording equipment in the hope of finally catching big cats
on film. One of the men looking into the big cats is Mark Fraser, from
the Scottish Big Cats Society. He said he was looking forward to the
journey down to the region from his home in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

"The whole of Lincolnshire is proving to be a real hotspot for sightings
of big cats.
"We aren't exactly sure which places we are going to visit, but everyone
has heard of the cat which was sighted on the Roxby Trods, so we will
definitely check that out," he said.
Mark said he had been chasing big cats for 15 years, and had only ever
spotted one example on his previous visit to the area, in Horncastle.
"You are only going to see one of the animals if you get out there and
have a go, and hopefully with these cameras we stand a much better
chance," he said.

Mark, who has family from the Hull area, explained he was going to set
up an advanced infra-red camera to try and catch one of the beasts.
The 'trailfinder' camera, worth about 350, has an infra-red beam, and
when the beam is broken by a large enough animal a photograph is
automatically taken.
A Scunthorpe Telegraph photographer has already taken photographs of a
mysterious paw print which was found near the other sightings at the
Roxby Trods.