Scun-thorpe UK 'panther'|graham_inglis||02/02/04 at 18:20:44|graham_inglis|xx|0||29 December 2003 Scun-thorpe Telegraph

Police are warning North Lincolnshire residents to be on the alert after another big cat sighting.

A member of the public contacted police on Tuesday to say he had seen what be believed to be a black panther in the Winterton and Roxby area. The man was walking on Roxby Trods at about 8.20pm when he saw the black cat.

He described it as being the size of a large dog but it was shaped much more like a cat and it was silhouetted against the sky.

The wildlife officer has been alerted and the Local Policing Teams at Brigg and Barton have also been notified.
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