Daventry (UK) pawprints|graham_inglis|space@eurobell.co.uk|02/11/04 at 16:35:37|graham_inglis|xx|0||'PANTHER' PAW PRINT FOUND

GIANT footprints left in the snow suggest a mysterious panther-type creature may have paid another visit to the [Daventry] area [UK Midlands].

Staff at Whilton Locks Carpet Company are convinced a large black cat is in the area, especially considering there was another sighting in the same area just months ago.

Fitting controller Liz Smith was having a break outside the company building last Friday when she saw the unfamiliar marks in the snow.

She said: "This is the first time I have seen any sign of it so I was surprised. I usually follow animal footprints in the snow because I like to see what animal it is, so just before I was looking at rabbit footprints. The cat's paw marks were enormous, nearly the size of my hand. It was not a dog print."