An odd consideration|elliott_saunders||03/19/04 at 14:22:43|admin|xx|0||Hello all

Its been a while since something has caught my interest and just lately I've been revisiting some Latin works from the late 12th Century.

I came across someones work (unsure as to whom exactly the work is attributed to, since many of the texts are difficult to read being the fact they seem to appear in several different authors works, and are never attibuted to any singular person), however, I digress...

The work in question describes vamipires as being able to change into 'large cats, many of which are discernable from pets because of their two tails'.  Now, it goes on to state that there was a particularly active list of vampires during this period, many were killed, but some were not...

Here's my thought "What if SOME of today's ABCs are these vampiric spirits?"

Could one not think that some of these unexplainable cats, those that mysteriously appear and disappear, or those that are extremely OOP or are of such colour or character may just be explainable by this ancient (written in Medieval Latin) characteristic of vampires?

In very simple terms, could we not explain SOME of the more weird-natured or very prolific but hard to explain or capture by this ancient literature?

It would explain some of the mangled corpses drained of blood or eaten (because lets not forget that most real-life vampires were not of the two teeth only drink blood variety, but had multiple razor sharp teeth, and often ate the flesh of their victims as well as their blood).  It would also explain in some way the growing masses of ABCs in the British Isles, which are pretty secluded, and there's only so many BCs that someone could release from captivity.

I would like to see just what others might think, metal, what's your thoughts on this?  You're always very scientific and thoughtful in your replies and don't dismiss any angle as being wrong or right.|| Re: An odd consideration|elliott_saunders||03/19/04 at 14:31:43|admin|xx|0||Reading a little more, I've noted that actually in my local area (Monmouthshire, South Wales, UK) there is an often cited ABC - the text refers to the writings of a Geoffrey of Monmouth who often wrote about vampires in the area (although it goes on to state that he was known for his fiction over his fact and really liked to give his tales more punch than fact would often allow.  He mostly wrote about Arthur and Merlin and so forth however if you're looking for any of his works, although some are translated, some remain in Ancient Latin lol).

On a PS - Anyone know any good online places to learn Ancient Hebrew?  I'm looking to add a new spin to my language repertoire of Greek and Latin (always useful in modern life I find ;D .||