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Yellow shark one in a million March 30, 2004 - 1:19PM

Mango's no lemon ... the yellow Port Jackson shark at Sydney Aquarium today. Photo: AP

A rare two-year-old bright yellow Port Jackson shark was unveiled at the Sydney Aquarium to bedazzled spectators today.

The result of a rare genetic mutation, the male baby shark known as Mango was a big catch for the fisherman who picked him up in a net on the Hawkesbury River about five months ago.

The fluorescent sea creature was an even bigger catch for the aquarium, his new home, where he is the first of his kind to be seen in 15 years.

The chances of finding a shark like Mango are about one in a million.

"With the shark being such a bright colour its chance of survival in the wild would be slim, the animal would not camouflage itself and hide from predators," said aquarist Hamish Tristram.

"In the future, hopefully we will be able to breed from him."

Mr Tristram said Mango could reach up to 1.4 metres in length. The prized shark is not expected to change colour.

Despite the large publicity over his rarity though, there has been very little feedback from around the world about other sharks of this type that could exist.

A "fairly-well adjusted shark" according to staff, Mango "tends to swim for a bit and then rest" but was happy to pose for photographers once prodded.