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BBC News / England - Aug 02.04

There have been two more reported sightings of a big cat in Suffolk.
One was reported in the past week on the coast at Orford while the latest
sighting was by James Bloomfield, 22, and his 16-year-old brother, Russell.
James said the black, puma-like creature came within 20 yards of the
brothers as they were finishing a weekend fishing trip at Bungay.
"The grass is about 2ft high and I could see about half a foot of the cat
above it," James said.
The brothers were packing up their fishing gear at the town's Falcon Meadow
at about 2130 BST.
"I saw something out of the corner of my eye. He was standing in front of
us, about 30ft away. He took a few steps towards us, looked at us, then went
off towards the bridge," James said.
"We just didn't know what to do. Its tail was about 3ft long. It wasn't a
dog tail - or any other tail.
"And the shape of its head - it was like a house cat's but about five times
Since the sighting the brothers have been back to the fishing spot - but
only in daylight.
"I'm not going down there when it's dark - but I'm buying a camcorder now to
see if I can catch it on video," James said.
In May lorry driver Martin Emery contacted police after seeing a big black
panther-like cat, at least 4ft high and 5ft long, at Linstead Parva near
Such sightings are becoming increasingly common in the UK.