Big Cat Spotted Outside White Lake Township Home|Richard_F||08/30/04 at 00:55:11|richard_f|xx|0||Big Cat Spotted Outside White Lake Township Home

August 13, 2004

An e-mail tip to led Local 4 to the back yard of Donna
Hoffman's home, where she came within 30 feet of a cat she said was the size of a

"It was pure brown, kind of a beige color and it was large, and it looked at
me and it took off through the woods," said Hoffman.

Hoffman, 59, pointed out a spot about 100 feet from the back of her home
where she believes the animal had been sleeping.

She said she had heard a growling sound outside her house for days until she
went to find the source of it. Hoffman believes the sound she heard was
actually a mother cougar calling to her young.

"It sounded like a big cat and it also sounded like a baby kitten. I could
hear two," she said.

Bob French, Hoffman's neighbor, said he, too, heard the cat's cries.

"(It was) very loud and throaty and like a growl," said French.

Hoffman said she is now keeping a close eye on her lapdog Daisy in fear that
the pup will come in contact with the large cat, Local 4 reported.

The sighting in White Lake Township comes after unconfirmed reports that a
large cat was seen in the Sterling Heights area last weekend, Local 4 reported.

Department of Natural Resources officials set traps in Sterling Heights but
said they will not place traps in White Lake Township until other sightings are