Boy Escapes Cougar Near Canada's Jasper Park|Richard_F||09/01/04 at 02:04:26|richard_f|xx|0||Boy Escapes Cougar Near Canada's Jasper Park

Tue Aug 17, 4:21 PM ET

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Canadian wildlife officials warned visitors to Jasper National Park on Tuesday to be on the alert for cougars after one the animals attacked a five-year-old boy.

The boy escaped with minor injuries when he was knocked down by the big cat while on a family camping trip on Saturday near an eastern entrance to the park in the Rocky Mountains of western Alberta.

The boy's father and other adults chased the mountain lion away by kicking and shouting at it. Efforts to find the cat with tracking hounds failed, and it was believed to have returned to the park.

Cougar attacks on humans are very rare although a woman was killed in Alberta's Banff National Park in January 2001. Wildlife officers suspect this cat was a young adult male that had only recently separated from its mother.