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24/08/2004 10:41  - (SA)  
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Kuala Lumpur - A Malaysian logger suffered severe injuries to his legs after being mauled by a large black panther while he was trekking in jungles in the central Seremban city, news reports said on Tuesday.

Lim Ah Kow, 49, had entered the jungle late on Sunday with friends to mark trees which were due to be felled when he heard an animal growl, the Star daily reported.

"I saw something running towards us and then one of my friends who was ahead shouted "tiger, tiger".

"We each climbed up a tree to get away but the panther followed me," said Lim.

He claimed to have sat on top of the tree for almost two hours while the panther circled below before the animal climbed the tree and grabbed his legs.

"It climbed up the tree, clawed my left leg and dragged me down. Its claws ripped the skin from both my legs," he told reporters from his hospital bed.

Lim said he immediately took out his dagger and slashed the panther several times during the attack. The injured animal then released its grip and ran off into the jungle, he said.

His friend's immediately sent him to a hospital for treatment to his legs.

The extremely rare black panther is listed as an endangered animal in Malaysia, along with the Asian tiger, elephant and rhinoceros. - dpa

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