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08 September 2004 07:00

Two close-up sightings of big cats have been reported in the last few days, one near North Walsham and the second near Diss.

They are the latest in a series of sightings over recent decades.

Gary White said he saw what appeared to be a black puma half a mile out of North Walsham, on the Bacton Road. Mr White said he saw the cat at around 8.30am on Saturday.

"It was a big black cat, as big as a deer," he said.

"I am a birdwatcher so I am good at judging distances and sizes."

The second sighting happened as Diane Davies, who lives in East Harling, drove home on Monday night from a meeting in Diss.

She was driving past Blooms of Bressingham when she saw a "large black creature in the road in front of me".

She added: "I did not see the animal until I was almost upon it, and because of this I had to swerve across the other side of the road to avoid hitting it," she said.

"It was black, but had a sheen to the fur.

"Its size was that of a large dog, however this animal kept its head down, and its tail was too long to be a dog's."

Experts suggest many of these cats may have originally come from zoos or private collectors and been released when the 1976 Dangerous Wild Animals Act made it an offence to keep them without a licence. Many people believe they breed in the countryside.

Sightings can be reported online by logging on to