Virtual Reality CFZ?|graham_inglis||01/25/05 at 23:49:25|graham_inglis|xx|0||Elsewhere in this shiny brand-new cafe (without so much as a tea-bag on the floor), Shearluck mentioned his Habbo Hotel creations.

That reminded me: a couple of years or so ago, I created a replica of the CFZ HQ for the computer game [b]Doom 2[/b] (the one that's been around since 1995).  I'd forgotten all about that game 'wad', but it might be fun to make it available somewhere, so's people can have a virtual stroll around a rough approximation of the CFZ and shoot monsters....

Gimme a day or so and I'll post up a "real pic vs game view" illustration.|| Fortean Times visit|graham_inglis||02/04/05 at 00:24:43|graham_inglis|xx|0||[img][/img]

Here's a group photo of min, shear, mike and myself paying a visit to the Fortean Times area of the Habbo Hotel.  They've got a dead polar bear onb the floor, too!

I found it all very bizarre. I'm used to chat rooms, but I'd never before interacted in a place like - and some of the time my trigger finger itched. Not because I didn't like the people participating, but more because I'm used to playing Doom and shooting anyone who moves!

Expecially when we were chasing each other through teleporters.

It was an interesting experience, though, and shear gets a big cheer from me for his efforts in creating the CFZ Lounge in the first place...||03/04/05 at 02:56:54|graham_inglis Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||02/04/05 at 01:19:36|shearluck|xx|0||Our polar bear isn't dead, he's just resting.  :o

remember to click the yellow pda to the right of where you type in and click on the bit that shows up about verifying a friend request so that people who send you friend requests can know when you're online.|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|Michael_Watson||02/04/05 at 01:26:45|Michael_Watson|xx|0||[quote author=shearluck link=board=ForumCafe;num=1106696965;start=0#2 date=02/04/05 at 01:19:36]Our polar bear isn't dead, he's just resting.  [/quote]

"I'd like to complain about this Polar bear what I purchased from this very boutiquike not half an hour ago",ahh sorry getting confused there with the Norwegian Blue ! :D.choir invisibule,pushing up the daisies ect :)|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|graham_inglis||02/04/05 at 02:21:46|graham_inglis|xx|0||Beautiful plumage, though.

After I've finished bobba-ing around with the CFZ computer perphaps you folks can give me another guided tour into some interesting areas.  

Maybe one day there'll be regular scheduled tours with hordes of buggers all playing follow-my-leader into telephone kiosks??|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||02/04/05 at 17:11:46|shearluck|xx|0||There is a new ocupant in the CFZ lounge by the way  8)|| CFZ / Habbo Hotel - screenshots|graham_inglis||03/04/05 at 00:53:19|graham_inglis|xx|0||Here's a few more screen shots from the Habbo Hotel chat area, starting with [i]two[/i] new occupants of shearluck's CFZ Lounge...

[img] cfz lounge 0502.jpg[/img]

I'll leave it to the zoologists on this forum to figure out which is the cat and which is the dog!

Jon Downes also has acquired a cat - it's called Helios 7, and has a counterpart in real life at the CFZ.

[img] cfz swamp 0502.jpg[/img]

And yes, the avatar that looks like a Buckingham Palace guardsman with a busby [i]is[/i] Jon.  Personally, I thought he looked much better with the green mohican, but there you go...

There are zillions of other rooms in Habbo and one I like looking at is called FURNI.

Visitors are allowed to move the furniture and treat the room like a maze. Have you ever seen a room so cluttered?!

[img] non-cfz-01.jpg[/img]

One thing I like to do is teleport there via a room called "gd to be bk" and  materialise inside one of the cupboards  - and surprise new arrivals in the doorway.  Boo !

And if you want, you can always go off to the Games Hall and play Battleships...

[img] non-cfz-03 battleships.jpg[/img]

Yeah, I like Habbo !||03/04/05 at 03:07:00|graham_inglis Location of the rooms|graham_inglis||03/06/05 at 03:31:12|graham_inglis|xx|0||Just to cover a couple of queries I've had, re: habbo -  

The CFZ presence in the Habbo Hotel is located in, rather than - that is, the UK hotel and not the US one.

However, there is a CFZ referral room in the US hotel.  It merely tells US visitors that we're to be found over in the UK hotel.

And the other point is that Habbo requires "Shockwave" to be bolted onto your browser, but sign-up is easy thereafter.  You don't even have to go to your email account and click a verification link ! ||03/06/05 at 03:38:16|graham_inglis Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||03/06/05 at 16:46:08|shearluck|xx|0||you don't have to pay a membership fee either, theres no spyware and habbo no popups or banner adverts in the hotel (habbo makes it's money by people like Graham, Jon and I buying furnature posters and wall paper for our rooms so dosen't need ads).

From sunday next week we will be meeting in the cfz lobby from 10 onwards, tell all your friends. (As long as none of your friends want jobs or furi on habbo)  ;)|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|Wieselkind||04/15/05 at 13:01:03|Wieselkind|xx|0||I've found the CFZ Lobby, is that still 10pm on Sundays?||04/15/05 at 13:01:38|Wieselkind Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||04/15/05 at 19:28:49|shearluck|xx|0||welcome to the forum Wieselkind

I'll do my best to be there on sunday at 10pm, hopefuly a few of the others will be popping in too.

It's also ok for people to send me messages on habbo too, my habbo name is the same as my username here (ie shearluck), if they are waiting in the lounge. As a sound is made when a message is recived it should attract my attention if i'm on habbo.||04/15/05 at 19:31:48|shearluck Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||04/22/05 at 22:17:32|shearluck|xx|0||How brillient is this? habbo are selling dragons as rares tomorrow :D


I'm definately getting one.
As it's oly availible this weekend then it'll be very rare and saught after too so if you're into rare tradeing on habbo it'll be worth a lot.||04/22/05 at 23:06:38|shearluck Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|Starbuck||04/24/05 at 15:34:00|Starbuck|xx|0||Cute dragon.   :)

So do you pay for these Habbo things with real money, or is it virtual money? Last time I went into Habbo, they asked me to pay before I could jump off the diving board. I decided I didn't want to do it that much. lol|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||04/24/05 at 19:20:45|shearluck|xx|0||real money sadly ;)

Still I would rather habbo was funded by people buying furnature and pet food (as it is) to having to pay by month like most other virtual chat rooms.|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|Starbuck||04/24/05 at 19:35:05|Starbuck|xx|0||As long as it's funded by ppl other than me, I don't mind.  ;D|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||04/28/05 at 00:06:52|shearluck|xx|0||Hi, can I ask if people send me friend requests on habbo from here that you either leave a message saying you have sent one and your habbo name on this thread or send me a private message here, otherwise I might not know it's from someone here and not aprove it. I don't ask that because I'm pickey, just because I'm not sure just how big the friends list can be on habbo and I don't want to run out of slots while there are folks here that might want to chat :)|| Habbo|graham_inglis||04/28/05 at 02:49:25|graham_inglis|xx|0||Anyone who's visited the CFZ and met me will probably know I'm into what I call "headspace".  When I roam around Habbo, I often find that I bump into strangers who issue requests for friend list inclusion after less than 30 seconds of conversation.  Especially when wandering in phone box rooms or playing Battleships.

Call me weird if you like, but it takes me longer than 30 seconds to form a friendship.

Me, I blame McDonalds. First, we had instant or throw-away food. Now, we have instant or throw-away friendship...

I wonder what the slots capacity is?  Perhaps I'll try to find out.||04/28/05 at 03:01:17|graham_inglis Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||05/02/05 at 22:17:39|shearluck|xx|0||I've decided to turn this habbo thing into a cottage industry...

If you are lucky enougth to get into the habbo lounge then you'll see that I've made it into a farm now for spring, the cabbage crop is gomming along nicely and the ducks in the pond are laying like crazy... I think that maybe I need to reduce the amount of agricultural chemicals I've been useing on my cabbage feilds though as the run-off seems to have affected the fish in the pond badly  :-[
[IMG][/IMG]|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|graham_inglis||05/03/05 at 14:34:22|graham_inglis|xx|0||I've rather neglected Habbo lately, I'll have to drop in and inspect the cabbages!

Can't do it til later this week, though, as I've been 'cut off' for late payment of my bill...  :(|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|Starbuck||05/03/05 at 20:56:38|Starbuck|xx|0||[quote author=shearluck link=board=ForumCafe;num=1106696965;start=15#17 date=05/02/05 at 22:17:39]I've decided to turn this habbo thing into a cottage industry...

If you are lucky enougth to get into the habbo lounge then you'll see that I've made it into a farm now for spring, the cabbage crop is gomming along nicely and the ducks in the pond are laying like crazy... I think that maybe I need to reduce the amount of agricultural chemicals I've been useing on my cabbage feilds though as the run-off seems to have affected the fish in the pond badly  :-[quote]

I worry about you sometimes.  :-/
|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||05/04/05 at 00:06:41|shearluck|xx|0||I almost won a duck in a habbo, take a look at this page:

My habbo law is the first of the ones that Dionysus really liked, shame he didn't judge the comp and not Helkat, I'd love a chance to pillory the people who come into the CFZ lobby offering cloned furniture and other dogey scams.

[quote]... To put all scammers in the stocks before they're banned so law abiding Habbos can throw rotten tomatoes at them as punishment BY Shearluck ... [/quote]|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|et||05/04/05 at 14:13:40|et|xx|0||Hi All!...

      Just call me a over-the-hill forty something!, but now I am totally confused over this whole cafe thing!. This is probibly due to my brain cells having been killed off by years of very nice booze attack!

     It was very good to be able to regonise the monty phyton thing! (parrot etc!) At last!, something I can relate to!

cheers! (hic!)

nigel ??? ??? ??? ???|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||05/04/05 at 22:53:32|shearluck|xx|0||the good thing about habbo is that it's easy to work (no faffing about with silly things like setting up servers, clients, ports and other nonsense made up to make life harder), if you want to come on there and chat pm me here with any problems you do have (same gos for anyone else wanting to look at the cfz habbo rooms) and I'll reply next time i'm on with answers in plain english (no geek speek whatsoever). || Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|graham_inglis||08/23/05 at 20:58:10|graham_inglis|xx|0||I've been steadily revamping the CFZ chain of rooms and linking them into other teleport centres and other rooms...

Now, I invite you folks to check 'em out - once you've recovered from jetlag / hangovers in getting home after the Weird Weekend, that is...


Here, you'll see there's even a CFZ Bathroom - although it's got one glaring omission: yes, there's no minibar :D

Come to think of it, there's no bath in there, either. H'mmmm.....||08/23/05 at 21:12:21|graham_inglis Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||08/23/05 at 21:19:09|shearluck|xx|0||having seen the CFZ bathroom at CFZ towers in holne court i also note that Jeaves the toilet butlar (like a bog troll only more upmarket) is also missing, As is the marble bedet carved into the shape of a giant coiled anaconda.|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||08/30/05 at 02:46:52|shearluck|xx|0||If you are a canny explorer of the cfz's habbo rooms then you may be able to find a secret hidden room (oooh), nestled within hedgerows is my new garden.

[IMG][/IMG]|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|Starbuck||08/30/05 at 14:37:08|Starbuck|xx|0||Unless of course you can't get into those rooms, like me.  :-[|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|shearluck||08/30/05 at 17:58:43|shearluck|xx|0||I think you might need to give your pc a good old purge again Ann. update and run a full scan on adaware then virus check it at housecall, you've managed to get into the rooms at habbo before so my guess is that theres something affecting your browser.|| Re: Virtual Reality CFZ?|graham_inglis||08/30/05 at 18:24:55|graham_inglis|xx|0||Wow, I haven't seen that room before, I'll have a wander later on and see what transpires.

By the way, I'm still remembering to drop in on RoyalCasino and RoyalCasino1 and say hi to them.

(For those who don't know, they're a cat and dog in what seems to be a long-abandoned room.)||