IS THERE REALLY A 'LARGE CAT' ON THE LOOSE?|Richard_F||03/10/05 at 13:02:25|richard_f|xx|0||IS THERE REALLY A 'LARGE CAT' ON THE LOOSE?

TWO HAILSHAM residents claim they have seen a 'large cat' in the area, adding further speculation to the creature's whereabouts.
The Gazette reported last week how a security guard said he saw 'a cat the size of an alsatian' moving between parked cars while he was patrolling Chandlers BMW in Gleneagles Drive.
Now two more people have come forward to say they too have spotted the creature.
Mick Lane, of Marshfoot Lane, says he was walking his dogs down Harebeating Lane on December 27 last year when he claims he saw the animal.
He said, 'I was walking up Harebeating Lane at the top end and just by the cattle grid, where you turn into the sewerage farm, that is where I saw it.'
The 70-year-old, who described the creature as having short ears and a rounded head, said he had sighted the creature 18 months before in almost the same spot.
'As I was walking around the corner there was this animal which I had seen before, this time I was about 15 or 20 yards from it.
'It realised I was there and was off. It jumped across Harebeating Lane and it touched the ground once and was gone.
'It was nearly as big as my German Shepherd but a bit thinner
'It wasn't a domestic cat and it moved far too fast to be a dog.'
One of his friends, Don Bignell, also claims he sighted the cat on exactly the same day as Mick's first sighting, 18 months ago.
The 81-year-old, of Farmland Way, said, 'I saw it up in the field from my house.
'It was just a big black cat, it stood watching the sheep and it had an extra long tail.
'It couldn't be anything else, it's tail was too long to be a dog.'
A spokesperson for the RSPCA has advised anyone who spots the creature to report the sighting to police and not to approach the animal.

24 February 2005