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Posted Mar 10.05

Nearly a year since its last sighting, a big black cat has been spotted
slinking in snow near Shap.

Dubbed the Beast of Shap, the feline was seen by a group of day-trippers
from Uttoxeter as they travelled on the M6 towards Orton on Saturday
Passenger Joe Alcock had been looking out the window when he saw the
animal in a field near the other side of the motorway.
"I could see it clear as day," said an excited Mr Alcock. "It wasn't a
normal black cat, it was at least three feet long, which is what caught
my attention."

"It was sat in snow near a stone wall about 300 yards away, so I turned
to the girl behind me and said that's a big cat, isn't it?' "I tried to
tell my wife but she didn't take any notice, she probably thought I was
Mr Alcock said he was unaware of the numerous black cat sightings that
had been made in the area until the coach stopped at the New Village Tea
Rooms in Orton.
"I went in and I told the woman what I'd seen. It was then that she told
me about the black cat."
Mr Alcock's news was not met with surprise by owner Christine Evans, who
informed him that she had also spotted the elusive creature near her
Crosby Ravensworth home.

Mr Alcock's sighting is almost in exactly the same spot where Fleetwood
veterinary surgeon Elizabeth Ormerod caught a glimpse of a
"Labrador-size cat" in March last year.
Last April, Furness man Mike Hodgson caught on camera what he believed
to be a black cat roaming in Baycliff, near Ulverston.