Mystery big cat sighted at Heyshott|Richard_F||04/04/05 at 19:35:22|richard_f|xx|0||Mystery big cat sighted at Heyshott

A puma-type big cat has been seen at Heyshott the first reported sighting in the Midhurst and Petworth area for almost three years.

Harry Marshall was walking his dogs at about 6.15pm on Thursday, March 17, when he spotted the prowling creature.
"At first I thought it was an enormous black fox but then I realised it was too big for a fox," Mr Marshall said.
"It was walking very purposefully and when I got within 40 yards of it, I called to try to attract its attention.

Full report in March 27 issue of the Midhurst & Petworth Observer
24 March 2005