The Beast of Lytham|EMcNeil||05/06/05 at 17:51:37|EMcNeil|xx|0||According to the Daily Mail today there is a mystery beast loose in Lytham St Anne's, Lancashire

An interesting but not spectacular big cat-type sighting is made more exciting by the lurid goatsucker-esque GREEN monster in the artist's impression (the witness just says "light incolour").

Does anyone else know anything about this sighting?

My bets on regular ABC or mangy fox

Emma|| Re: The Beast of Lytham|shearluck||05/06/05 at 22:31:16|shearluck|xx|0||these previous sightings in lancashire may also be linked:



Cockerham Sands:

Looking at the reports however due to the colours of thease beasts being different in the various reports from each location it seems clear that if they are not a trick of the light or hoax then there are several different ABCs on the loose in Lancashire.||