Wolves in scotland|shearluck|lewisoll@yahoo.co.uk|05/19/05 at 22:54:43|shearluck|xx|0||this made the tv news on bbc1 yesterday but there has not been an update of the story on the bbc's website yet:

[quote]Talks start on wild animal plans
A Scottish landowner is holding talks on his plans to bring back wild wolves, bears, bison and lynx to Scotland.
Paul Lister owns the Allandale Estate 40 miles north of Inverness and wants to reintroduce the animals to the countryside after 250-year absence.

Mr Lister, a wealthy businessman, will be speaking to local conservationists and his neighbours about his proposals this weekend.

Wolves vanished from the UK in 1743 and the bear went about 900 years ago.

Millionaire Mr Lister bought his 23,000-acre Highland estate, which straddles Sutherland and Ross and Cromarty, for 3.2m and is the founder of a charity which protects wolves in Romania.

The talks are set to carry on over both Saturday and Sunday but before the 45-year-old's plans can come into effect he will also have to talk through his plans with representatives from local councils, the Environment Agency and the Countryside Agency to gain official approval.

The son of the co-founder of the MFI furniture store, Mr Lister eventually plans to offer safaris to visitors.

Tourists will be able to watch the animals in the wild on the estate grounds with guests paying up to 20,000 to rent the estate for a week and day-trippers offered conducted tours by rangers.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/11/27 12:33:35 GMT


Aparently the bod in the article wants to not just reintroduce wolves but bears and other animals too and to reintroduce a scotich ecosystem of a thousand years ago, surounded by really high electric fences.  || Re: Wolves in scotland|graham_inglis|space@eurobell.co.uk|05/20/05 at 14:42:01|graham_inglis|xx|0||I saw that news item too, and that's what prompted me to start a reintroductions section. Then, when I went to the BBC site I couldn't find anything more recent than 2002, much to my irritation. However, I stumbled over the beaver story instead...||