cat bigger than a rottweiler|shearluck||07/30/05 at 19:32:56|shearluck|xx|0||It's from last april but just about every other website concerned with matters cryptozoological seems to have missed it due to it having happened near Swansea and the only online version of it being hidden away in a cupbord on ic wales far away from the rest of the news.

[quote]Teenager spots cat 'bigger than a Rottweiler' Apr 28 2005

Katie Bodinger, Neath Guardian

A CAT "bigger than a Rottweiler" could be stalking the hillside above Port Talbot.

The animal was spotted by a youngster and his tutor from the window of a house in Baglan.

Nathan Flavell, aged 13, of Baglan Heights, was doing his English homework with tutor Janice Lewis when something caught his eye through the kitchen window.

The youngster saw a "panther" on the side of the mountain.

Nathan, a pupil at Glan Afan Comprehensive School, said: "I could see this black thing and I thought: 'I wonder what that is'.

"I just kept looking at it."

Nathan said the creature was about three feet tall and jet black.

It had a muscular face, short black ears and a big, black chunky tail.

It was sitting on a pile of ferns no more than 50 yards from the teenager's home.

Nathan said: "I thought: 'that looks like a panther.'"

He was sure the creature was not a dog.

"My friend has a Rottweiler and it was bigger than that," he said.

Nathan said he stared at the creature for around 15 minutes before it left.

Janice Lewis, a teacher at Sandfields Comprehensive, also caught a sighting before the "cat" moved off.

"We were sitting by the kitchen table and I could see Nathan was transfixed," said Mrs Lewis.

"I looked up and could see it clearly on the hillside.

"It had big black pointy-tipped ears - too big for a cat but it wasn't a dog."

Mrs Lewis said she looked at the animal for about 10 seconds and was quite alarmed.

"I had quite a good look at it," she said. It had that big cat thing about it."

Nathan's mum, Susan Flavell, is assistant head teacher at Sandfields Comprehensive and telephoned police after hearing what had happened.

"Lots of people walk up there so I alerted the authorities just in case," said Ms Flavell.

Detective Inspector Wayne Thomas, of Neath Port Talbot CID, confirmed police had attended the scene on Thursday evening after the sighting.

Professor Paul Brain, Zoologist at Swansea University, said it was not beyond the realms of possibility that a big cat could be roaming the hills behind Baglan.

"Speaking generally about big cat sightings, some of them may have an element of truth," he said.

Prof Brain said it had been fashionable at one time to keep big animals as pets but, when the Dangerous Animals Act came in, it became difficult for people to keep them.

But the professor added there was no need for people to panic.

"I do think it's very easy to make mistakes," he said.

"Not because people are being malicious, but because it's quite difficult to see things clearly, especially if the light is in a certain direction."


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