Kittens Accidentally Sent From South Carolina|jon_downes||08/04/05 at 10:12:55|jon_downes|xx|0||Kittens Accidentally Sent From South Carolina To Vermont

VERGENNES, Vt. -- A worker in the returns department at Country Home Products got a surprise when he opened a brush trimmer sent back from South Carolina.

Inside the box was the trimmer - and five kittens.

The three-week-old kittens survived the two-day trip to Vermont and are doing fine.

The South Carolina customer who returned the trimmer had stored it in a barn, and apparently sealed the box without looking inside.

The kittens were taken to a Humane Society shelter in Middlebury, where they met Hazel, a black cat whose kittens had just been weaned. Hazel is a now a surrogate mother to the kittens.

The shelter says the kittens should be available for adoption in about three weeks.

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