Woman spots the 'Beast of Roslin' in her back gard|Richard_F|richard@cfz.org.uk|08/04/05 at 20:54:09|richard_f|xx|0||From the Edinburgh Evening News: 19 July 2005
Woman spots the 'Beast of Roslin' in her back garden )

A large puma-like cat has been sighted again in Midlothian.
Evelyn MacRae, 53, spotted the animal in the back garden of her home in
Roslin three weeks ago.
She said: "I was going to close my curtains for the night when I saw this
"I knew it was too big to be a domestic cat.
"It was crouching down beside my pond about 15 feet away from me.
"It was a hot night so perhaps it was looking for a drink. I found it quite
a frightening experience so I stayed inside."
She added: "We only live about 100 yards away from Rosslyn Chapel and there
are lots of fields round about us."
Mrs MacRae, a housekeeper, lives in Wallace Crescent, which is not far from
an earlier sighting of the so-called "Beast of Roslin".
Wildlife enthusiast Alastair Ross photographed the animal near his cottage
in Roslin, estimating it to be around three feet long with a tail measuring
about one-and-half feet.
Meanwhile, maintenance manager John Doran, 47, believes he saw a puma at
around 5pm on Friday in the grounds of Pittendreich Nursing Home in Lasswade
where he works.
He said: "I saw this thing in the grounds so I ran and got a pair of
"It was massive with a long tail and pointed ears. I'm sure it was a puma."