Wolves of Battersea|retrocrypto|neilthemod@blueyonder.co.uk|08/25/05 at 14:36:14|retrocrypto|xx|0||I'm in desperate need of help regarding an upcoming article. I'd originally written an article regarding 'big cat' sightings in London but have since uncovered anecdotical evidence of wolf sightings around London (Battersea) at the turn of the 1900s.
A work colleague who used to live around the area spoke of the sightings, but was thinking it may have been an urban legend. Checks on GOOGLE have produced nothing so if anyone can offer any help I'd be grateful.
|| Re: Wolves of Battersea|shearluck|lewisoll@yahoo.co.uk|08/25/05 at 15:09:26|shearluck|xx|0||One could always try the british libary newspapers dept in Colindale london. it's almost right outside Colindale tube station, just turn right as you go out of the station.

their website is here: http://www.bl.uk/collections/newspapers.html

and their address is:
British Library  
Colindale Avenue  
NW9 5HE  
United Kingdom

and phone number is:
020 7412 7353  

That's where I'd start as they should have the origional press reports (I can see it making the news if wolves were found in london and it's environs, especilly as in the 1900s wolves would be still be thought to be as dangerous as a tiger in those days to advarage city folk)|| Re: Wolves of Battersea|Min_Bannister|alison.ayres@gmail.com|08/25/05 at 15:22:03|min_bannister|xx|0||Or it could possibly have come from the excellent childrens book by Joan Aitken "Black Hearts in Battersea", the sequal to "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase"

Wolves all over the place there. :)|| Re: Wolves of Battersea|retrocrypto|neilthemod@blueyonder.co.uk|08/25/05 at 17:07:50|retrocrypto|xx|0||Thanks for the help. Yeah, there's an uncanny connection I think to the 'Black Hearts..' story, as if it came to life.
The guy who told me about the sightings was adamant of the legend.||