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3rd September 2005

Big Cats at large across the UK?

A recently released report lists Big Cat sightings across the UK during July 2005, and makes compelling reading. Each month, Mark Fraser of  the British Big Cat Research Group, and Mark North of the Centre for Fortean Zoology compile a list of the month’s Big Cat sightings in Britain.

The eight page document available at is quite remarkable. Mark Fraser has put together every big cat from he UK for the month of July (2005). It includes reports of sightings of 15 large black cats, 5 brown puma like cats, 2 attacks on domestic livestock, and 1 report, complete with picture, of a 28 pound black domestic cat who is occasionally mistaken for a panther when hunting in fields close to his home (in Devon).

Chris Moiser, a zoologist and author of several books on the subject, says:

“Such reports, including the possible mistakes, as well as the more convincing sightings make analysis of the data much more possible than it is when an annual number. of sightings by cat colour and county are listed. Mark, and those who assist him are to be congratulated and encouraged for producing such a comprehensive report, monthly, on an evolving area of British Natural History.”

Chris’s latest book, “When The Cat’s Away”, is available now. Though it is a novel, Chris admits that much of it is true, but that he was forced to present it in a fictionalized setting in order to protect his sources.



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