Dad, Son Catch 3-Foot Gator While Fishing|Mark North||09/27/05 at 13:21:35|Mark_North|xx|0||From ABC News: 26 Sept. 2005

BRISTOL TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A father and son fishing in Indian Creek in Bucks County netted a three-foot alligator on Sunday.

Bill Chase, his 3-year-old son, Ryan; his niece, and several other children from Bristol Township were fishing near the VFW War Memorial Softball Field along Indian Creek when some of the children spotted the alligator downstream.

They ran back to tell Chase, who called animal control officer William Kurko.

The alligator was held overnight at a nearby kennel. Reptile experts have been called to determine where to place the animal, Kurko said.

"It looked very healthy; it adapted well. But right now, it's hissing like heck," Kurko said Sunday.

Kurko said the alligator may be taken to the Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Newtown.||