'BIG CAT' SIGHTED AT TOWN PARK|Mark North|darkdorset@hotmail.com|09/29/05 at 12:04:21|mark_north|xx|0||From the Fife Free Press: 7 Sept. 2005

A TANSHALL woman claims to have spotted a big cat at a town park -
where the last alleged sighting was recorded.
The local woman contacted The Gazette after seeing the large black
animal while she was out walking a dog near Gilvenbank Park on
Tuesday afternoon.
The alleged sighting - which has been confirmed by Fife Police - is
the second in the area within the last year.
The first was reported last November when Nan Wright reported seeing
a black cat tearing open rubbish bags in the park.
Susan McNab claims she was walking across from woodland by a new
housing estate near the park when she spotted the animal.
The 35-year-old told The Gazette: "I was on the other side of the
road when I saw it coming down a small track - I was about 100 yards
away from it.
"When I first saw it I thought it was a dog looking for its owner. It
stood looking about and just watched me, watching it. Then it
disappeared back into the bushes where it came from.
"It was a big jet-black cat which looked about the size of a border
collie - I have my own dog-walking business so I know what a dog
looks like and it definitely wasn't one.
"This is the first time I've seen a big cat, although I have read the
stories about it. I wasn't scared because it was very peaceful, just
minding it's own business.
"But it won't stop me from going into that area as I walk dogs there
on a daily basis."
Fife Police's wildlife liaison co-ordinator, Chief Inspector Alistair
McKeen, added: "We received a report of a 'big cat' sighting last
Tuesday afternoon by a Glenrothes resident.
"It was seen in the Gilvenbank Park area, which is where it has been
spotted previously.
"We work closely with an expert in big cats and would remind the
public to report any sightings to the police."
Last year, Nan Wright was enjoying a stroll when she spotted an
animal scratching about polythene bags. She claimed it turned round
and looked at her before running into the woods.
Following the incident, police warned locals to be on their guard and
to report any further sightings.||