A panther-like creature has been spotted|jon_downes|jon@cfz.org.uk|10/22/05 at 10:14:30|Jon_Downes|xx|0||A panther-like creature has been spotted in the centre of Haddington

by a Gourlaybank resident.

A long-tailed animal was seen lopping along Florabank Road shortly
before 6am last Wednesday.

Chairman of Gourlaybank Residents' Committee, Richard Brown, spotted
the creature after his long-haired Scottish Border Collie, named Jude,
scented the animal in Gourlaybank.

Jude pursued the animal to Henderson Agricultural Centre before it
leapt over a 10ft wire mesh fence and disappeared through equipment at
the centre towards the old A1 and the Garleton Hills.

Mr Brown explained: "I last saw the animal disappearing into the dark
as it leapt across the stockyard of the centre heading for the main road.
"I'm glad my dog Jude did not tangle with it as I fear it would have
come off worse.

"I had just gone out of the house at 5.45am to put the bin out for the
refuse men when I noticed what appeared to be a large black dog
crossing the road."||