Cryptic Cat Identification-Help|Min_Bannister||11/24/05 at 14:26:20|min_bannister|xx|0||I am trying to find the name of a big cat that I read about as a kid in a book of fabulous beasts that I had so I wonder if any of you guys can help me? I thinkI have come across all of the other beasts in the book since except for this one!

It is a large cat, very large I think, like giant with a beautifully patterned coat. One of the features of this cat is it will eat large amounts of food at one time then rub itself between a couple of trees to, er, aid with the evacuation process!

Oll has already suggested the Cigau of Sumatra but I am not sure as the sources I have looked up describe it as unpatterned. They also haven't mentioned the tree thing!

Ring any bells with anyone?|| Re: Cryptic Cat Identification-Help|Richard_F||11/24/05 at 14:37:58|richard_f|xx|0||It's not the Cigau. It might be the totaly fictional cactus cat of the American west. The east African mngwa is said to start out a normal sized cat and eats and eats untill it grows huge.|| Re: Cryptic Cat Identification-Help|Min_Bannister||11/25/05 at 11:46:13|min_bannister|xx|0||Thanks for those suggestions Richard! I went and looked them up. My cat has some similarities to the mngwa in terms of size and so on but it doesn't quite fit. The cactus cat has some simliarities in terms of weirdness but again it doesn't quite fit!

I suspect is probably was a totally fictitious cat as the other beasts I can remember from the book are, such as the Roc, Basilisk, Chimera etc. It seems very odd that a childs book should have these common staples that you would expect from a childs book and then this apparently unfindable cat! :o||11/25/05 at 11:46:41|min_bannister Re: Cryptic Cat Identification-Help|shearluck||11/25/05 at 16:39:16|shearluck|xx|0||I've seen some pictures and dipictions of cigau's where the furr is patterned though, and orangey yellow colour with a white underbelly and smallish well spaced spots on it. Indeed in the Final fantacy games where you fight them as enamys (you also fight yetis and various other cryptozoological beasts in that and many other RPGs, Grandia 1 and 2 have loads of quite famous cryptids as enamys but I'm digressing here) the cigau are gepicted like that with long ribbon like moustash style whiskers extending the leangth of their body.

So it could be the cigau but in  the far east there seems to be a lot of variation of what they are discribed as in popular culture, much like chupacabras has become a catch all term for small cryptids in the americas.|| Re: Cryptic Cat Identification-Help|Min_Bannister||11/25/05 at 18:23:18|min_bannister|xx|0||I'm flattered but when I was a kid, Pong was the video game of choice! :D Okay, maybe it had progressed to Manic Miner by the time I was reading crypto books but still... :D|| Re: Cryptic Cat Identification-Help|Min_Bannister||11/27/05 at 12:30:06|min_bannister|xx|0||Got it! Someone on FTMB kindly put me out of my misery! It is a Gulon which is possibly a Wolverine mythed up!

[quote]He is as great as a great Dog, and his ears and face are like a Catís: his feet and nails are very sharp; his body is hairy, with long brown hair, his tail is like the Foxes, but somewhat shorter, but his hair is thicker, and of this they make brave Winter Caps. Wherefore this Creature is the most voracious; for, when he finds a carcasse, he devours so much, that his body, by over-much meat, is stretched like a Drum, and finding a streight (narrow) passage between Trees, he presseth between them, that he may discharge his body by violence; and being thus emptied, he returns to the carcasse, and fills himself top full; and then he presseth again through the same narrow passage, and goes back to the carkasse, till he hath devoured it all; and then he hunts eagerly for another. It is supposed he was created by nature to make men blush, who eat and drink till they spew, and then feed again, eating day and night, as Mechovita thinks in his Sarmatia. The flesh of this Creature is altogether uselesse for manís food; but his skin is very commodious and pretious.[/quote]
||11/27/05 at 13:22:19|min_bannister