‘Blood-sucking creature’ killing sheep|Ed Malone|cfz@eclipse.co.uk|11/25/05 at 13:15:18|Obadiah|xx|0||‘Blood-sucking creature’ killing sheep in Fujairah
By Salah Al Debarky

24 November 2005

FUJAIRAH — Rumours of a blood-sucking vampire-like creature preying on sheep have turned the sleepy Fujairah suburb of Sakmakam into a favourite hunting ground for scoop-seeking journalists.

And it's not just hordes of journalists from both print and electronic media who are making a beeline for the suburb nestling at the foothills, but also car-loads of cops and officials from Fujairah Municipality seeking to unravel the mystery.

Ask the residents about the 'vampire,' and pat comes the reply: "The creature takes the sheep by the neck, sucks the blood and leaves them dead."

Some, however, contest the 'vampire' theory, stating that it was more likely an Arabian leopard or wolves doing the damage, a view shared by the police too. ||