Happy New Year|Guthwine|moonchild107@aol.com|12/31/05 at 19:04:58|guthwine|smiley|0||A Happy New Year to one and all out there!  || Re: Happy New Year|shearluck|lewisoll@yahoo.co.uk|12/31/05 at 21:08:59|shearluck|xx|0||happy new year :)
Enjoy the grog, hope no one has hangovers in the morning. :)|| Re: Happy New Year|ColinMcS|colinmcs@tiscali.co.uk|12/31/05 at 22:42:14|colinmcs|xx|0||Indeed, a happy new year to you all|| Re: Happy New Year|perkin2000|perkin2000@yahoo.co.uk|01/01/06 at 01:33:23|perkin2000|xx|0||Happy new year to all.

Ooh, is this the first post of 2006?

So, any crypto-predictions for the year ahead, anyone?

Tickles to the Pickles.
Richard.|| Re: Happy New Year|graham_inglis|space@eurobell.co.uk|01/01/06 at 12:09:33|graham_inglis|xx|0||Yeah, all the best, everyone!

Predictions, huh?  I'll give that some thought when I've finished my wake-up coffee.......|| Re: Happy New Year|Plymouthcrypto|Cmoiser@aol.com|01/01/06 at 12:57:10|plymouthcrypto|xx|0||Firstly Happy New Year to you all:
Predictions for the year:

January - Animals and Men seized by obscene publications squad following misunderstanding about subject matter. Upset compounded when they mistakenly return 600 copies of "Grannies in Bondage". New Porn plc recieves 600 copies of Animals & Men and sells out in 3 days.

February - Severe Snow brings most of Britain to a halt. Editor of a local newspaper in North Devon found frozen to death on edge of Exmoor wearing nothing but a black leopard skin. British Big Cat Socety claims that this is proof of existence of a leopard-man cult in North Devon.

March - Jon Downes engaged. CFZ asked to investigate sightings of Lake Monster in Chipping Sodbury. 10' catfish discovered. The Sun carry British Big Cat Society claim that it was a cuddly toy.

April - Richard Freeman engaged to centrefold from "Grannies in Bondage" Talk of possible amalgamation of two magazines. (Talks later collapsed)

May - Graham Inglis engaged. "British Big Cat Society is a hoax" claim by the Sun. British Big Cat Society issue statement supporting the Sun.

June - Mass CFZ wedding, Oll Lewis is best man x 3, Guests appear dressed as various cryptids.  Bumber edition of Animals and Men produced entirely by John Fuller.

July - Tony Blair is discovered to be an alien from another planet, the discovery is made live on Question Time when he loses his temper and attempts to swallow Anne Widdecombe. Jeremy Paxman quoted as saying "I had my suspicions" Anne Widdecombe recovers and asks for entire labour cabinet to be examined to confirm that they are not aliens. John Prescott disappears.
Animals & Men claim he is living with a big foot in Oregon, USA. WH Smith beg to be allowed to stock Animals & Men.

August - Tony Blair exhibited in London Zoo after his planet make it clear they don't want him back. Animals & Men publish exclusive interview with Anne Widdecombe, and apology to Bigfoot of Oregon.

September - Tony Blair moved to Whipsnade (ZSL state he was frightening other animals and visitors in London Zoo).

October - John Prescott re-appears, claims mental breakdown and resigns from politics. Subsequently accepts role in new Dr. Who. Some doubt over what role he will play. Following General Election Anne Widdecombe becomes Prime Minister.

November - David Tennant resigns from Dr. Who role, rumours about disagreements over casting and story lines. Richard Freeman offered the role.

December - BBC Christmas schedule includes made for TV movie "Richard and Judy are aliens" and Dr Who Special "Return of the Cider Man".

In predictions for 2007 Animals and Men suggests that their headquarters might soon resound with the patter of tiny feet.

Well they are only predictions......|| Re: Happy New Year|retrocrypto|neilthemod@blueyonder.co.uk|01/01/06 at 14:16:10|retrocrypto|xx|0||Richard Freeman for Doctor Who. Let's support the campaign.

Happy New Year from me and my lurvvllyy girlfriend...

Neil|| Re: Happy New Year|Mark North|darkdorset@hotmail.com|01/01/06 at 18:23:46|Mark_North|xx|0||[center][img]http://choyu.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/APrIL2/Happy%20New%20Year%20Animated%20gif[/img][/center]

[center]To all our CFZ members and visitors to the forum.

Best Wishes

Mark[/center]|| Re: Happy New Year|shearluck|lewisoll@yahoo.co.uk|01/01/06 at 22:03:35|shearluck|xx|0||[quote author=Plymouthcrypto link=board=ForumCafe;num=1136055898;start=0#5 date=01/01/06 at 12:57:10]October - John Prescott re-appears, claims mental breakdown and resigns from politics. Subsequently accepts role in new Dr. Who. Some doubt over what role he will play. [/quote]

And useing my time machine I can exclusively reveal what part John Prescott will play:

[img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v386/shearluck/jp_slitheen.jpg[/img]|| Re: Happy New Year|ladyunderground|ladyunderground2000@yahoo.co.uk|01/02/06 at 19:38:27|ladyunderground|xx|0||Yes Happy New Year to one and all....

I hope that this year will be the biggest and most sucssesful yet for the CFZ, in fact i have no doubt about it..... :D

N.B some of those predictions i find rather scary!!!  :P || Re: Happy New Year|Plymouthcrypto|Cmoiser@aol.com|01/02/06 at 23:19:44|plymouthcrypto|xx|0||My apologies to Lady Underground, and any other forum members that I frightened with my predictions. We are all friends together here and I really should not have mentioned Tony Blair and John Prescott. I did think hough that if you could cope with bigfoot and lake monsters......

Chris. M.

PS Great to hear about the fundraiser|| Re: Happy New Year|Min_Bannister|alison.ayres@gmail.com|01/06/06 at 12:18:40|min_bannister|xx|0||Happy New Year to everyone. OKay its a bit late but I've been away. :D|| Re: Happy New Year|ronancoghlan|excalibur@bangor.fsbusiness.co.uk|01/06/06 at 15:20:49|ronancoghlan|xx|0||Some further predictions: (newspaper headlines)

Ian Paisley becomes Pope.

George Bush uses two-syllable word.

John Prescott commences training for Olympics (sack race).

Mega-farting competition in Ukraine to replace gas shortage.

Mass migration from countries bordering on Ukraine.

Godzilla-like creature causes havoc in Devon.

Roger recaptured.

New Dr Who to be played by Eddie, the dog from "Frasier".

Beano wins Nobel Prize for Literature.

Polly Toynbee gets religion.

Jake the Peg really exists - astonishing claim by Rolf Harris.

Rolf Harris really exists - astonishing claim by Jake the Peg.

Scientist argues that existence of Anne Widdecombe disproves intelligent design.

Rolf Harris making sculpture of classical god Priapus: "Can you guess what it is yet?"

Cherie Blaire thrown out of court for wearing Minnie Mouse costume.  Judge declares: "De Minnie Mouse non curat lex."  (A familiarity with the Latin works of Bacon will help you to understand this one).

Ant and Dec never existed: hologram hoax revealed.

||01/07/06 at 23:00:37|ronancoghlan Re: Happy New Year|ladyunderground|ladyunderground2000@yahoo.co.uk|01/07/06 at 19:37:09|ladyunderground|xx|0||RE: Plymouthcrypto...

I most definatly prefer to deal with cryptids as i am not fearful of these creatures.

However the creature which is known to one and all as the politican, i am most definatly in fear of.

(holds clenched fists to mouth in a nervous/protecive way, and looks round room, while shaking in fear!! ???)

|| Re: Happy New Year|Min_Bannister|alison.ayres@gmail.com|01/10/06 at 14:29:25|min_bannister|xx|0||[quote author=ronancoghlan link=board=ForumCafe;num=1136055898;start=0#12 date=01/06/06 at 15:20:49]
Roger recaptured.[/quote]
Roger has escaped? :o|| Re: Happy New Year|ronancoghlan|excalibur@bangor.fsbusiness.co.uk|01/10/06 at 17:51:35|ronancoghlan|xx|0||No: see previous headline and consider both together.

Ronan|| Re: Happy New Year|Min_Bannister|alison.ayres@gmail.com|01/10/06 at 18:08:47|min_bannister|xx|0|| :-[|| Re: Happy New Year|graham_inglis|space@eurobell.co.uk|01/10/06 at 21:52:32|graham_inglis|xx|0||Most CFZ-ers don't know I've had gastro-enteritis (I've been in bed most of 2006 so far and I couldn't be bothered to talk to anyone) but the good news is I avoided passing it on to Mr Downes. The bad news was, I couldn't stomach (literally) any alcohol....

Anyway, here we are on the 10th of January and I'm having my first lager session of the year. So a belated [i]cheers[/i] to one and all...||01/10/06 at 21:54:46|graham_inglis Re: Happy New Year|shearluck|lewisoll@yahoo.co.uk|01/11/06 at 17:25:31|shearluck|xx|0||good to see you're back to your old self. :)||