Search for Mystery Beast Abandoned|Ed Malone||01/26/06 at 08:48:00|obadiah|xx|0||From the New Era (Windhoek, Namibia): 25 Jan. 2006
Search for Mystery Beast Abandoned
Kuvee Kangueehi

The Ministry of Enviroment and Tourism has called off the search for a
mysterious animal that has been killing livestock in the Okakarara area. The
animal last Tuesday killed three sheep before it killed a calf the next day.
The beast, which is causing terror in the area, only ate the left eye of the
calf, the heart, kidneys and sucked blood.

Sackey Tjitemba, a game warden at Okakarara said the search team on Sunday
conducted the last search and will wait for new developments before resuming
the hunt.

Tjitemba told New Era yesterday that although he did not see the animal, he
is puzzled by the way the beast behaves.

"This is definitely not a natural animal because its behaviour and tracks
are strange."

He noted that the tracks look like the heel of a foot and it is difficult to
trace it because it covers over five meters with a single jump. The officer
said they last saw the strange tracks last Thursday and the recent rains
have been making the search difficult. He warned residents not to hunt the
animal, as it appears deadly, given the way it killed the calf. He also
advised residents not to move at night and to be on the lookout.

Tjitemba said his office was advised by a resident of Opuwo, Paulus Mahua
who claimed they had a similar encounter with the strange animal in Angola
some four years ago. Mahua told New Era that he saw the yellow-greyish
creature in Angola. The resident from the Kunene said the animal is the size
of a small foal.

"You will think it is a hyena but on closer inspection, you will see that it
has very strong teeth like a lion." He added that the animal prefers to eat
soft organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys and eyes.

"The animal can attack human beings and on human beings it prefers nostrils,
male and female genitals and buttocks." Mahua warned that the animal could
not be killed by anybody. "This animal is very dangerous and quick and you
will be lucky if you see it and it does not kill you."

He said the only way to get rid of the animal is to call in traditional
doctors who would send it to another area.
|| Re: Search for Mystery Beast Abandoned|shearluck||01/26/06 at 16:59:58|shearluck|xx|0||If anyone's racking their brains to place Okakarara, it's in Namibia.

The source url of the article Ed quoted is

From the sounds of it the tracks were not made by the hyena like animal (about the size of a small horse) with feline dentition. The strange tracks sound like they've been made by hoves.||01/26/06 at 17:09:18|shearluck