NY Cougar|jon_downes|jon@cfz.org.uk|03/03/06 at 13:26:59|jon_downes|xx|0||The big cat is out of the bag


There is a documented video of a mountain lion in New York.

The Office of Homeland Security and the United States Border Patrol uses video-surveillance cameras to watch areas along the unmanned borders of this country. Recently, a cougar was recorded wandering through a field in northern New York.

News reports on Channel 5, WPTZ television in Plattsburgh, aired the footage of this big cat in upper Clinton County.

The Department of Environmental Conservation wanted to do further studies, stating that it might not have been a mountain lion since the video was shot at a distance of four miles.

They also speculated it may have wandered over the border from Canada, where some mountain lions live, or it could have escaped from captivity.

It’s not just some photo or some fleeting shot of an unidentifiable animal running through the brush that has been floating around the Internet for a while.

I saw the footage and there’s no doubt about it: It is a mountain lion. This big cat walked through the grass just a short distance from the woods for several minutes.

There had been several sightings of cats in the area around Morrisonville, but none was taken seriously. Even when tracks were found, no one would admit there was a possibility that these cats existed.

A large predator like a mountain lion needs a good food supply. The deer population in that area is excellent, so there is no reason for this sly and elusive animal to show himself in a populated area.

But the proof is finally out. Mountain lions do exist in some parts of New York. Maybe they’re roaming around in our area, too.