If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|retrocrypto|neilthemod@blueyonder.co.uk|03/28/06 at 12:11:05|retrocrypto|xx|0||...what five things would you ditch into the famous vault ?

Here's mine:

1) Robbie Williams
2) David Beckham
3) Soaps or Reality TV
4) Sandals.
5) Chav's or J.K. ROWLING|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|Bisto|chrislatham2@hotmail.co.uk|03/28/06 at 14:04:45|Bisto|xx|0||I think a lot of the things I would put down could be listed under 'other people' but here goes.

1) People who have no concept of others around them - ie drivers who almost crash into you as they are on their mobiles then blame you!  Or the people who get on trains before giving anyone a chance to get off.

2) Snobbery in film/art/literature/comedy etc

3) American hip hop culture, especially when its practised by British people who have never set foot in a Getto in their lives

4) The orange women you get in places like Debenhams

5) Football

5 really isnt enough|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|graham_inglis|space@eurobell.co.uk|03/28/06 at 21:52:13|graham_inglis|xx|0||1. British companies (like BT) who "help" their customers by delegating the process to people who can barely speak English. I've had it up to [i]here[/i] with bloody call centres, recently.

2. Ads on TV that don't match the intellectual level of the program that they interrupt. Say, banal soap powder ads in [i]2001: A Space Odyssey[/i].

3. Anyone who opposes Greenpeace views on the future of the planet. Examples: Tony Blair, Esso (E$$O).

4. Cable TV / Sky after 11pm. Whatever happened to the old BBC2 ethos of showing cult movies, American road movies and offbeat sci-fi in the wee small hours? (When was the last time that BBC2 showed [i]Dark Star[/i] or [i]Dirty Mary Crazy Larry[/i]?)

5. People who want to replace old with new "because they can" - eg, the replacement of the K2 phone box.

(For anyone who doesn't know, the K2 phone box is the classic UK red one with about 15 panes of glass on each of three sides...)||03/28/06 at 22:18:05|graham_inglis Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|Min_Bannister|alison.ayres@gmail.com|03/29/06 at 11:24:02|min_bannister|xx|0||Courgettes
Dangerous Drivers (ie most of them ;))|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|Richard_F|richard@cfz.org.uk|03/29/06 at 15:38:49|richard_f|xx|0||1.Reality TV
2.Tallentless, overpaied Hollywood actors who love themselves (Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson)
3. Foxhunting and the pompous, upperclass, tory scum that support it (like Otis Ferry, god i'd like to get him down a dark alley with a rusty breadknife)
4 Psudo Forteana (Crap like Most Haunted. The CFZ , that does serious research into real mysteries, can't get a TV series but some morons acting badly and screaming at nothing can get series after series. And also the crap you get in bookshops. Insted of real fortean works you get healing crystals, rescue mediums, guardian angles, feng shui for your cat. God that makes me PUKE.
5. Banal American TV science fiction like Star Trek, Buffy, Babylon Five. It's science fiction 'painting by numbers' with tame unimaginate humanoid aliens and soap opera like plots. British TV ScFi is far better, long live Doctor Who.|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|Bisto|chrislatham2@hotmail.co.uk|03/29/06 at 16:14:03|Bisto|xx|0||Yes, Otis Ferry proves that it is possible to hate someone on sight.

Incidentaly he says hes a monachist and the Royals should really have been number one on my list.|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|Thelma|turbonoodle@gmail.com|03/29/06 at 16:38:28|thelma|xx|0||1- Hunt supporters who still try desperately to rationalize cruelty. (It doesn’t matter how logical you think your argument is, cruelty is cruelty and you can’t find excuses for it)

2- Dog owners who don’t pick up their dog’s poo

3- People who stack normal shopping trolleys behind the trolleys that take a pound, so when you’re trying to return your trolley and get your pound back you have to move 20 trolleys first.

4- People who say “aks” instead of “ask”

5- School run mums in 4 x 4’s

6- Marmite

7- People who cough and/or sneeze on you

8- People in the office who eat the last biscuit in the packet and don’t throw the empty packet in the bin.

I could go on and on…

BTW Min...umbrellas???
|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|Richard_F|richard@cfz.org.uk|03/29/06 at 22:49:58|richard_f|xx|0||Five is not enough so here are some more
6 Late review and the insufferable psudo interlactuals therein (Tony Parsons, Germaine Greer, Tom Paulin) what a bunch of w*****s
7 Jeremy Clarkson an untter, utter, utter c**t.
8 The way Hoolywood changes books so that they are set in America (Like War of the Worlds).
9 The way Hooywood changes real events to make out that Americans were the heroes or to make the English look bad
10 Curry or any other stomach turning spicey food.|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|ladyunderground|ladyunderground2000@yahoo.co.uk|03/31/06 at 19:21:05|ladyunderground|xx|0||Oooooo....

Let me think this list of 101 things for me changes all the time

Peanut Butter (heaves at the mere thought) ??? and why the hell would you want to put that excuse for jelly on a sandwich with it!!

People that try to tell me how to live even thought i did not ask for 'their' advise

People that just dont listen, i really am not the habit of repeating myself

Slugs!!! ???

Those bloody teeny-tiny milk pots at service stations, come to think of it..

Motorway service stations, what the £uck are those price hikes all about, 4.95 for a soup and a roll, shocking!!!!! :o

Christmas songs, there really should be a law stopping anybody making one

Electric invalid cars, you know the sort, the one that decides to drive on the road even though its illegal to do so, usually at 2mph causing a 3 mile tail back and what makes it worse is the fact hes got his grandaughter sitting on his knee while performing this great act of stupidness!! >:(

Programmes where the research is incorrect or mis-leading, thinking nobody will know the difference, i prime example Congo

Scrote-chavy-£uckers, with fake bling, even more fake gangster acting even though they are born and bread in the neck-end of the back of beyond, worse still is desinger chav, bin em bin em all!

My list for 101 could go on for quite some time..........

|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|Min_Bannister|alison.ayres@gmail.com|03/31/06 at 20:26:21|min_bannister|xx|0||[quote author=Thelma link=board=ForumCafe;num=1143544265;start=0#6 date=03/29/06 at 16:38:28]

BTW Min...umbrellas???
Or more precisely, bumbling idiots waving metal spikes around near my eyes and scalp. ;)|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|perkin2000|perkin2000@yahoo.co.uk|04/02/06 at 11:12:41|perkin2000|xx|0||Hmm, a good, and potentially limitless, question.
Have decided not to include politicians/politics as it's too obvious and easy a target.

1.Paris Hilton.
Oh, good gosh. My intense dislike of this woman is almost beyond words, but I'll try. What a pointless, whiney, spoilt, useless, beak-faced, pencil-necked, pea head!

Hey, I live here, I'm allowed to. This town could have such potential. Instead, it's just plain awful. When Dawn Of The Dead was re-made, I thought the Eastbourne Arndale Centre would have been the best place for it. Why go to the expense of finding a dis-used shopping mall, using expensive cameras and hiring hundreds of extras to shamble around glassy eyed when the population of this town is made up (almost) entirely of shuffly pensioners, and dead-eyed, emaciated smack-heads. Just give 'em free happy meals and tell them to go about their business and use the resulting CCTV footage. Sorted.

3:Crap books.
My REAL hate here is the river of autobiographical books about troubled childhoods. Of course, if you've lived it, it's your right to write about it. It just feels so damn cold, pre-planeed and, if such a thing is possible, self-exploitative. Imagine having a time machine and going back to find your distressed ten-year-old self. How would you comfort your younger incarnation?

A: "Don't worry, you come out of this ok, you have a good life, this makes you stronger. Have hope."


B: "Keeping weeping, Jnr. There's gonna be some cash in this later."

And Dan Brown/any other biblical code/bloodline/interpretation can shove it up thier type-writer too.

Populist, lazy rubbish.
(Also strongly agree with Richard F's above comment regarding Pseudo Forteana.)

4: Unfunny Comedy films.
The 40 Year Old Virgin was the worst film I saw last year by a long way. And anything with Ben Stiller in it makes me feel like driving pins into my eyes.

5: People who start trouble when drunk.
What the hell is wrong with them? Do they function on such a basic level that they cannot handle the slightest alteration of state?
Absolute f***ing a***holes.

(As can only be shouted at them from a safe distance/fastly moving car.)

Oh well, that's five.

Apologies for the length/indulgence, but it's my hundredth post and wanted to celebrate!  ;D|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|ladyunderground|ladyunderground2000@yahoo.co.uk|04/06/06 at 21:50:28|ladyunderground|xx|0||I am aware that i have posted a number of 101 possibilities,

but may i be specific and add  the chavvy £ucker that broke my nose and burst my artirial vein on saturday nite, just because i tired to detain his cousin for along with six other chavvy £uckers jumping one of my work mates inside a venue,  >:( >:( >:( >:(

God, i really think the world would be far better without, them, like they would be missed anyway!! better still we could use them as bait to lure out various criptids but my guess it that most criptids, would turn thier nose up at em!!

|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|shearluck|lewisoll@yahoo.co.uk|04/07/06 at 19:07:52|shearluck|xx|0||1) echoing the views of others I'd have to go for chavs, what exactly is the point of them? I dunno, luring about in shopping center's wearing hoodies and listening to bland churned out music, I wish they'd stop wasteing our precious air.

2)Ginger, why exatly is it thought to be a good idea by some unscrupulus drinks manufacturers to add ginger to dandylion and burbock???? it ruins it, it's dandylion and burdock for goodness sake not dandylion burdock and ginger ale. the fact that i'm mildly allergic to the stuff also dosen't endear me to it.

3)Sugar in tea, now, as anyone who apreciates good tea will tell you, making a really good cup of tea is an art form. you have to select your blends and put the tea leaves in at the right ratio, maybe adding a bit of mint if you're in the mood for it and it works with that blend. then you have to let it brew for just the right amount of time so it releases nearly all the flavor but none of the tanins, finally pour just the right amount of skimmed milk into the cups, pour the tea and serve.
.... then one of nature's coffie drinkers adds sugur to it ruining all that work and the taste rendering the tea just sweet milky water with most of the flavour sapped out  >:(

4)Taxi drivers that charge over the odds, it cost john fuller and I over 5 pounds to get from the station to holne court in exeter today, a 10 to 15 min walk that neither of us fancied as we had bags to carry. normally this costs around 3 pounds or just under, but the evil taxi driver had a system for chargeing 'extras' based on the fact we had lugage and there was more than one of us... this was in one of those huge black cabs that are meant to carry a lot of people or lugage anyway. ::)

5)Village shops that don't stock anything but empty spaces on the shelves and stale bread, then don't understand why they don't make any money. yes, i'm speeking from experience  :'(|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|suzi|suzimarsh@hotmail.co.uk|04/09/06 at 17:07:20|suzi|xx|0||1. Again, chavs. Particularly, the 15 year old one who keeps trying to chat me up outside the shop. His best line was probably when he just stared at me and said "single?". Charmed, I'm sure...

2. Certain celebrities doing product endorsements who won't say something in their own words but repeatedly send back every script I send them saying it doesn't represent their 'essence'.  >:(

3. Post-fence Glastonbury

4. Random capitalisation of letters in sentences

5. Modern, wanky 'R'n' B'

To make this thread more positive, and because I'm in a good mood, I'm going to list 5 things I love and would raise to a higher plateau, a hypothetical Room 102, if you will.

1. A fresh, shiny copy of Fortean Times

2. People who try to cheer the world up in altruistic and quirky ways. Like the people who stood at the top of a steep hill on a hot day at Shambala festival, dressed as fairies, handing out free squash. They didn't work there, just liked to do it.

3. Bill Hicks

4. Puggles

5. People with old fashioned manners, like strangers who hold doors open for you. Actually, another thing in my Room 101 would be people who don't say thank you when you hold doors open for them.

|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|retrocrypto|neilthemod@blueyonder.co.uk|04/10/06 at 19:21:51|retrocrypto|xx|0||More things I hate...
1)The poxy little fake Goth's who think they are strange and misunderstood, yet don't even know what a real Goth is.
2)UFO Fanatics.
3) KMFM Radio (Kent radio...same songs, same presenters, same adverts...for housewives only)
4) 'nu-metal' soundtracks which wreck most horror films.
5) England Football Team.
6) Blokes who take their girlfriends out and then sit there all night on their mobile phones!
7) Elton John.
8 Arctic 'Spastic' Monkeys.
9) People who think 'big cats' are demons from another world...you know who you are.

...anyway, enough of the ranting...

||04/10/06 at 19:22:28|retrocrypto Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|Mark North|darkdorset@hotmail.com|04/11/06 at 11:44:19|Mark_North|xx|0||I will agree with most of the forum members on some of there suggestions, so here is mine

1- CHAVS - http://www.chavscum.co.uk/ - say no more

2- Parents that let there kids wear t-shirts like 'FCUK' and other vulgar expressions. Yes I know its meant to stand for 'French Connection United Kingdom', but come on. We are not that stupid.

3- Greeted with make over, property, I want to be famous pop idol and how to be greedy and sell all of your family heirlooms so you can go on holiday to the Seychelles type TV shows, everytime I decide to sit down and the watch the TV.

4- Train fares

5- The Christmas hype starting in September. While we on the subject of Christmas, the stupid trend of decorating your house or street to make it look like your visiting Las Vegas, bah humbug.

6- Housing/road developments

7- I will have to agree with Thelma's Marmite suggestion aswell as Twiglets

8- Certain remakes of Classic Horror/ Sci-Fi films, why bother

9- Shops for example that sell Music/DVD's and Supermarkets that keep moving there shelving displays, (nearly every week) so you have to waste more time, wandering around and familarise yourself with the layout again. I know it is meant to be a clever ploy to keep you in store the longer, but not good if you only have 5 minutes to spare!!

10- Pikachu

I will stick with 10, though like so many of you I could go on||04/11/06 at 13:54:00|Mark_North Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|retrocrypto|neilthemod@blueyonder.co.uk|04/13/06 at 18:41:11|retrocrypto|xx|0||knik knacks & scampi...awful...people who eat this pungent dogs plop shouldn't have any friends!|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|ladyunderground|ladyunderground2000@yahoo.co.uk|04/14/06 at 19:51:22|ladyunderground|xx|0||may i add to 101,

the nurse that while applying pressure to stop the >:( bleeding from the vein, pushed my nose over to the right hand side of my face >:( >:( (quite near to my eye socket actually).

When i arrived at the A&E my nose was straight, but thanks to that bloddy heavy-handed male nurse i had to have surgery to straighen my nose up!!!

In fact i would l like to add any individuals such as this, that make hugely wrong assupmtions about clients, it does help if they read the paper work that normally comes with a client, and dont assume that every person that comes into the A&E after 11.30, is a drunk or on drugs etc!!!|| Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|Ed Malone|cfz@eclipse.co.uk|04/23/06 at 12:22:45|obadiah|xx|0||1 Graham Norton

2: Salt and Vingar Crisps in Green Packets and Cheese and Onion in Blue.

3: People fiddling around with Credit Cards at the check out for a item that costs only 30p.

4: Multiple wraps of Cellophane around video tapes and any other products that don't really need it.

5: Street Fundraisers or Chuggers (charity muggers) as they are often referred as - Teams or hoards of perky students with clipboards and bad dress sense that pester you in the street.||04/23/06 at 12:26:15|obadiah Re: If you could be on 'ROOM 101....|graham_inglis|space@eurobell.co.uk|04/23/06 at 23:57:35|graham_inglis|xx|0||Why is there so much bad comment on the Internet on scampi these days?

Let it be known, for the record, that I scoffed it at a rate of knots in the 80s.||04/23/06 at 23:58:18|graham_inglis