BLACK PANTHER SIGHTED|Ed Malone||04/06/06 at 09:50:28|obadiah|xx|0||BLACK PANTHER SIGHTED

09:30 - 01 April 2006 Sightings of a black panther have been reported in North
Scarle, Bracebridge Heath and Waddington - leading experts to believe it could
be the same animal.

A panther living in Lincolnshire could roam a territory of up to 25 miles
during its hunt for food.

Director of the Cats Survival Trust Terry Moore said panthers were creatures
of habit that would stick to one area if they could.

"A panther's range in the countryside could be up to 25 miles," he said.

"They're creatures of habit and not that keen on entering new areas unless
they have to in order to find food."

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