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3 Sightings Reported This Week

UPDATED: 11:18 am EDT May 10, 2006

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MILLERSPORT, Ohio -- Is it a lion? A coyote? Or is it just an extremely large cat? Central Ohioans have a variety of opinions about an animal that has been seen in the area for the last two years.

Bob Lombardo, of Lewis Center, e-mailed some pictures of an animal that emerged from the woods near his home on Saturday night.

Lombardo said the animal had an "awkward stride," was lean, and its tail dragged on the ground.  

He said the animal looked like a coyote and was fast-moving.

No one knows for sure whether the animal Lombardo saw was connected to animals seen this week in Pataskala and just north of Columbus.

John Kaminsky said he saw an animal 20 feet in front of him run across Millersport Road.

He said the tail was too long to be a coyote.

Kaminsky was one of two drivers who said they saw a large animal with a huge, bushy tail run across a farm field and then dart across the road, before disappearing into the trees.

"It was sleek, quick and the color was gray and black," Kaminsky said.

"It was different. I've seen fox. I've seen coyote. I've seen every kind of animal. I'm nearly 70 (years old). I've been around, but I've never seen an animal look like that," he said.

Kaminsky said the animal ran across a field and disappeared into a group of trees.

The farmer who owns the land said he's seen a lot of deer and a few coyotes, but Kaminksy said the animal's tail was too long to be a coyote.

"It could have been a coyote, but I've never seen a coyote with as long a tail as it had," he said.

There has been no confirmation of a lion running around Central Ohio.

Reports of lion sightings began surfacing in May 2004, when there were several reports of a creature roaming in the New Albany and Gahanna areas.

Similar reports were made in Granville and Zanesville, NBC 4 reported.

Stay with NBC 4 and for additional information.