Cat-like creature spotted in Millersport|Mark North||05/12/06 at 09:43:44|Mark_North|xx|0||Cat-like creature spotted in Millersport

MILLERSPORT -- Several Central Ohio drivers claimed they saw an animal early Tuesday morning, NBC4 reported. The question is whether the creature is a big cat.

A sighting of a large cat-like creature was reported Monday in Pataskala. The Tuesday sighting was in Millersport.

"It was sleek, quick and the color was gray and black," John Kaminsky, a witness, told NBC4.

Kaminsky said he was driving on Millersport Road at about 7 a.m. Tuesday when something raced through a farm field and across the road.
"It was different. I've seen fox. I've seen coyote. I've seen every kind of animal. I'm nearly 70 (years old). I've been around, but I've never seen an animal look like that," he said.

Kaminsky said the animal ran across a field and disappeared into a group of trees.

The farmer who owns the land said he's seen a lot of deer and a few coyotes, but Kaminsky said the animal's tail was too long to be a coyote.

|| Re: Cat-like creature spotted in Millersport|Mark North||05/12/06 at 09:44:19|Mark_North|xx|0||Mysterious Big Cat Reportedly Spotted Again
Police: No Reports Received About Missing Pets

PATASKALA, Ohio -- A new sighting has triggered rumors of a big cat on the loose in Central Ohio.

The previous sightings were reported in Gahanna, but the latest incident occurred in Licking County, near Pataskala, NBC 4's Marshall McPeek reported.

The sighting took place at night on a rural road, but it's enough to give residents a scare.  
"It was very long, very lean, very thin," said Peggy Hall, a resident.

Hall was driving home from her parent's home on state Route 310 near Pataskala, when she saw something in the tall grass.

"It ran so fast, like a greyhound, smooth and sleek. It just took off running real fast. (It was) 8 feet long with a head like a bobcat," Hall said.

Hall said the animal has a huge head, short hair and was as big as a small deer.

"We've not had any recent reports of wild animals or exotic cats," said Pataskala Police Chief Chris Forshey.

Police said they have not received any reports of dog maulings or missing pets.

"I'm sure we'll be the first to get the calls, but we haven't so far and it doesn't surprise me if it is," Forshey said.

Two years ago, helicopters searched fields in the Gahanna area, because police had received dozens of reports of a big cat. Some residents even claimed to have found tracks, but no animal was ever captured. ||