Heat prompts more 'big cat' sightings|Mark North|darkdorset@hotmail.com|06/16/06 at 23:21:49|Mark_North|xx|0||From the Diss Express (UK): 16 June 2006

Heat prompts more 'big cat' sightings

The warm weather seems to have encouraged more big cat sightings.
Another two Diss Express readers have spotted big cats roving across
fields in north Suffolk.

One spotted a dark beige coloured creature prowling across the fields
between Oakley and Billingford.

Stuart Gifford was travelling home to Beccles, after visiting friends
on Sunday, when he said he saw what he believes was a puma walking
slowly across a field near the A143.

Mr Gifford said: "The way in which it moved left me in no doubt it was
a big cat, the musculature and the way it held itself was just like
you see on wildlife programmes on TV.

"I know it can't have been anything but a big cat and from the
colouring I would say it was a puma or cougar."
The other sighting took place in fields on the right-hand side of the
road, as you drive through Hoxne on the way to Stradbroke.

Again a large cat-like creature was seen moving across open countryside.

The woman who spotted it did not wish to be named but she said that
"there was no doubt in my mind that it was a big cat".

She described it as being dark coloured with a long thin tail and
about two-and-a-half feet tall.
|| Re: Heat prompts more 'big cat' sightings|Plymouthcrypto|Cmoiser@aol.com|06/17/06 at 01:46:10|plymouthcrypto|xx|0||Hardly surprising more people out looking for picnic sights, etc. and cats have to travel further for water (puddles and small ponds dried up + more disturbance)

Chris. M.||