VAL SEES 'PUMA-SIZE' ANIMAL IN A FIELD|Mark North||07/14/06 at 13:35:29|Mark_North|xx|0||VAL SEES 'PUMA-SIZE' ANIMAL IN A FIELD

The latest big cat sighting in Devon has come from Val Hawkins of
Longmeadow Road, Lympstone. Mrs Hawkins was with her husband on May 3
when they were driving from Exeter to Plymouth on the A38.

She said: "Just as we were reaching the sign for the first junction
for Ashburton after the junction with the A383 for Newton Abbot,
between 5.30pm and 5.45pm, I mentioned that I could see on the
left-hand side a cat walking across a field.

"It was moving almost parallel to the road and in a westerly
direction. My husband glanced across and also saw it.

"We are certain that it was the size and shape of a puma. It looked
like a domestic black cat but it was a couple of fields distant from
the road and far too big to the eye to have been a domestic animal."

Express & Echo 13/7/06