The big cat quest|selkie||08/05/06 at 00:02:46|selkie|xx|0||By Frank Tunbridge
ABC (Alien Big Cat) sightings are on the increase, but photographic evidence remains tantalisingly elusive. Local cat hunter Frank Tunbridge offers his thoughts on how these mysterious beasts might eventually be caught on film.

The main asset of any hunter, whether for culling or for camera, is patience, closely followed by perseverance.  A combination of these two attributes will eventually pay off.

Remember how a TV Wildlife film crew spent the best part of two years trying to film a jaguar in its native habitat?

Even though they found evidence aplenty in the form of pug marks, droppings and kills, the animal continued to elude them. But eventually the crew's perseverance won through and they got the footage they were after.

This sounds like a similar story to the pursuit of the British Big Cat - all the evidence, ie: tracks, territory marking, carcases and distant sightings, but no conclusive close up shots of these animals.

Cats of every shape and size emanate an aura of mystery and intrigue - no wonder the North American Indians have named the puma the Grey Ghost, as this species along with all other wild cats (except for the lion) are generally very evasive by nature.||