If Minot area people didn’t see mountain lions, wh|selkie|fiddleinthesky@hotmail.com|08/11/06 at 09:22:12|selkie|xx|0||Fear not, residents of the Minot area. There are no mountain lions in or around Minot. There never have been.

We’re glad authorities from the North Dakota Game & Fish Department, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services cleared that up for us. Officials from those departments have been unable to confirm any of the reported sightings in the Minot area in the past few weeks.

There have been numerous sightings of some type of animal in recent weeks, including reports by residents who say they spotted a mountain lion in southwest Minot, with another spotted crossing the U.S. 2 & 52 Bypass near Gooseneck Implement and the North Dakota Department of Transportation building.

But those apparently weren’t mountain lions, at least according to authorities who say they have found no evidence, such as tracks, that a mountain lion was involved in any of the recent incidents.