FURTHER sightings of a big cat|Richard_F|richard@cfz.org.uk|08/13/06 at 13:02:52|richard_f|xx|0||FURTHER sightings of a big cat roaming in East Herts were reported to the Herald on Monday.

Following our story Is there a big cat loose in county? (Herald, August 3) about Dave Smith, of Knebworth, who spotted a three-foot tall feline on Mangrove Road, Hertford, two more readers have seen a similar creature.

First to contact us was Margaret Brooks, of Essex Road, Hoddesdon, to say she also had seen an unusual creature in the region.

"Earlier in the year it was dawn and a misty morning, I was looking out the back of my home, there is a view of Pound Close, and I saw something," she said. "First of all I thought it was a dog, but then I realised it had a cat's head.

"It was walking from the school, across Pound Close, towards the Bull's Head and Stanstead Road," added the 83-year-old. "It had a great big curly tail and was definitely something extraordinary. I thought 'it looks like that thing they keep talking about!'

Could there be more than one of these creatures in the area?

Tony Dawkins, of Goff's Oak, saw something towards Enfield.

"My sighting of a rather large, dark furred cat was a few weeks ago at around 10am," he said. "It was crossing The Ridgeway A1005 from north-east to south-west between Botany Bay and the Royal Chase Hotel. It was heading towards fields mapped as Enfield Chase and had come from fields between East Lodge and Rectory Farm."

Again the cat was described as being three-feet high and maybe longer in body length with dark, not black, fur and a tail the size of a man's arm.

"The cat glided across the road unrushed, unperturbed, this most definitely was a non-domestic cat - a big one - and not a well-fed moggie," he added.

Could this have been the same animal that was spotted in Hertford last month?