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Advance alert 29 August, 2006.

Well-known naturalist, Tim the Yowie Man is about to embark on a special expedition that he hopes will raise awareness of Threatened Species Day in Australia.

On 30 August, Tim the Yowie Man will travel to far-flung Christmas Island (a tiny Australian Territory located in the Indian Ocean about 2500km north-west of Perth)  to team up with world-renowned ornithologists, for a week-long field trip in which they  hope to document Christmas Island’s  remarkable  threatened bird species.

The extraordinary field trip will include searching for nests of the Abbott’s Booby (one of the island’s threatened birds) high in the rainforest canopy of the remote paradise.

Tim the Yowie Man’s expedition is to coincide with National Threatened Species Day which is held on the 7 September each year to commemorate the death of the last Tasmanian tiger in captivity, which sadly died in a Hobart Zoo on 7 September, 1936.

“Threatened Species Day aims to encourage greater community support and hands-on involvement in the prevention of further losses of Australia's unique natural heritage,” explains the passionate Canberra naturalist.

Despite ten years since its inception, Tim the Yowie Man feels that Threatened Species Day still lacks Australia-wide awareness.

“I’m hoping this expedition will draw public attention to the extraordinary number of creatures currently listed as threatened in Australia,” declares Tim the Yowie Man.

“Incredibly there are over 1200 species of flora and 300 species of fauna are listed as threatened in Australia, and many of these occur nowhere else on the planet,” explains Tim the Yowie Man

So that people all around the world can follow the Yowie Man’s expedition, the National Museum of Australia (where Tim often holds lectures and tours) will broadcast a series of special audio reports straight from the Christmas Island jungle, on the museum’s website:

“I’m hoping that this expedition will not only increase awareness of the amazing diversity of life on Christmas Island, but also  the large number threatened species that cling to survival around the rest of Australia, says Tim the Yowie Man.

Tim the Yowie Man’s expedition is part of the Inaugural Christmas Island Bird Week. For more details, contact Tim the Yowie Man on [url][/url]

Tim the Yowie Man’s Amazing Christmas Island Adventure will go live on [url][/url]

at 10am, 1 September 2006.

Mark it in your diary.
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